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Yoga for Fun – Children Yoga

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Meditation in Zen Yoga

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Prenatal Yoga

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Yoga for Couple

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Shangkala serve you a delicate of holistic yoga therapy authentic from Indonesian archipelago and Asia. These therapis method share you kinds of yoga – culture class and healthy therapy to mantain and also improving your healthy of holistic body, mind & spirit. Lets HEALTHY – HAPPY – WEALTHY ! !

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Our YOGA classes are :

  • Basic Yoga : Yoga for beginner. Lessons include of warming up, basic asanas (postures) with flow of breathing.
  • Intermediate Yoga: Deeper yoga lessons. Include of warming up, intermediate asanas (postures), intermediate pranayama (breathing technique).
  • Zen Yoga : Share you relaxation & meditation methods. Get healthy, calm the mind, feeling & consciousness.
  • Prenatal Yoga : Yoga for prenatal mommy. Here mommy have asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing technique) dan deep relaxation to create early communication between mommy & baby.
  • Yoga for Fun : Children yoga. Let your children enjoy yoga in healthy & fun way !
  • Yoga For Couple : Yoga together with couple, best friends, sisters or brothers. Doing asanas,  breathing technique & energy session in togetherness would build trust,  fun & healthy.

* *

Our CULTURE Class are :

  • Balinese/ Bayu Suci : An outhentic body movement & flow of breathing created from Baliness dance & martial art. Most people feel fun in doing this. Suitable for family.
  • Senam Silat Sunda / Sundanese Martial Art Exercise : An authentic exercise which inspired from Sundanese martial art & traditional Sundanese music. Get healthy & fun here !

* *


  • Hypnotherapy : Help you to reveal past traumatic life, erase from consciousness & create new consciousness. Hypnotheraphy could bring you deep to your own consciousness where you never expected before.
  • Singing Bowl therapy : Singing bowl is a bowl which come from Asian country. It is a healthy therapy from the real sound of singing bowl. You’ll not only feel relax and calm, but also purify your mind & spirit.
  • Reiki or Prana : Special energy therapy from Asia. Our therapist connected with the life force energy & share this energy to you. This therapy will improve healthy body condition & comfortable feeling.

* *

Balinese Taichi – Bayu Suci

* *

Senam Silat Sunda – Sundanese Martial Art Exercise

* *


* *

singing bowl

* *

reiki – prana

* *



Class held for private (1-2 persons) or small group class (4-8 persons).

Class held for 2 – 4 times meeting.

The class available in Jakarta & Bali – Indonesia

Further information, please contact :

  • E-mail  & Facebook :

  • Twitter : ArtShangkala

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3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by elizabethtool on December 3, 2009 at 12:37 am

    Oh my is that you doing yoga? I haven’t been able to move like that since I was a teenager!! I DID wake up in a better place. I do have friends that I joke with when I am down….too many in fact! America is a little more superficial in that sense.Always the cheerleader.Lack of sleep and a great purging of some issues had me down last night….who I am and who I feel I should be are in conflict right now. This too will pass! I am glad to see your writing in english…I always wonder what is being said in Indonesian!

    Hoping you have a great day!!


  2. Dear Lizzy.
    We always think that the asanas (those poses) only can be done by kids or teenager. But I have experience on my yoga class, adult class. Some of them around 40-50years old. After routine doing yoga session (our schedule twice in a week) for about 2 months, they can do some great asanas (body pose). They become stronger & have more elasticity. Just need to practice routine so it all change our body & energy ; )


  3. Posted by debie on February 15, 2013 at 12:46 pm

    where to you have class for beginner.


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