Thanks For What We Have – Music Performance at the Orphanage

By : A. Sari

I remember in the middle of 2007. We have coordinate for a music performance. The musisian are the ‘street kids’ in Jakarta. This music performance was gather to raise fund for these street kids to have a year house rent. For them the house is vey important. For a save living place. Rather than they live bellow the bridge, sidewalk of the street, feel cool of the weather, and direct sun burn. The music performance was success. They have fund to rent a year house.

After that, some of the street kids sometimes visit to our home. I really happy when they came. Because they always bring their music instrument, so than we can sing songs. Or I can gather little children in the neighbourhood to sing together with us. We’re all feel happy and cheerful.

In the end of year 2007 i teach a free yoga class for the orphanage in Serpong, Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia. Not for the children orphanage, but for the sisters who take care the children. Almost a month have a class there. I always see the children n sometimes play with them aftetr the yoga class. They need love and care from people who visit them. Seems from their eyes. Sometimes i can’t stay to look at their eyes & my eyes just flow tears. Our Elders said that from looking at the eyes, we could be in love, right? Yes. I’m in love with them. Than the question from my mind raise : How can I make them cheerful? Because they just toddler, not enough age for a yoga lesson. This question following me until i return home.

Suddenly at the house, i remember our musician friends. Quite long they have’t come to our house. After thinking our musician friends, 2 days after that, suddenly they came. Ah! What a great connection here.

I tell them about the situation i face. I tell that these children at the orphanage need something to be entertain, to make them happy, cheerful. Our musician friends never realize that they live on the street for years but still there’re children who suffer like them, even could be more. No parents, less love & feel these feeling when they’re little children.

“We should thanks for what we have”, our musician friends said. Yes! This is a great spirit for all of us. A spirit to make a small music performance for these special orphanage children. We give what we have. We create music that we can create. Share our love by very simple thing.

Than i came to the management of the orphanage. They like with our plan. They give us time, that is a week from it to have music performance in the afternoon with all the orphanage children. We’re happy to hear that.

A week of music rehearsal was enough for us to find some children songs. We practices in our home. We using guitar, jimbe (African traditional drum), violin & vocal to sings, all only 5 persons including me. Because our musician friends push me to sings with them. I never sing for a performance, except in the bathroom. Ha ha ha. But i accept this idea, for these children.

At the D day, in the afternoon. The children just gather in a hall. The same hall where i used to give yoga lesson for the sisters here. So many children, around 30’s. With the sisters also, around 10. So total all of us were 50.

Well, this is it. The music plays….so nice at the beginning. Than turn into cheerful music make the children sing and dance as they able to move their body everywhere. The sisters also join the dance. Laughing & smile we see on their faces. At the end of the last songs, the children and the sisters just making a long train chain. Together walked at inside of the hall, go to the right and to the left, so happy. We’re all so unite here. We feel their happiness. We feel happy & cheers also. So wonderful feeling we have. Until the last songs finished, the applause rise from all of the us.

The hall where we have the music performance & the orphanage children

But poor…we don’t have the music performance pics here. Because all of us was be the music players. None can’t take the picture. So here i have only an old picture taken from my other music performance (in 2003 with professional music friends), when i was study university in Central Java. But here, i share the music recording when we do rehearsal we share. Sorry if the recording is not enough quality because we record it by simple recording, only the handphone recording & never edit it. But, hopefully the reader still have the connection here.

music at the orphanage

2 years after that moment. This beautiful memory still in my mind & my heart. Thanks for our musician friends. Keep your music make people happy. Create your songs, your colors for people around you. For the people, the nature, the world. Thanks for the orphanage children. Without them, we’re all maybe nor realize to thanks what we have. Love you all.

Songs we play at the orphanage :

* Ambilkan Bulan Bu (Take Me the Moon, Mom)

* Bintang (Star)

* Jali-jali (Jakarta traditional song)

* * *

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  1. Posted by Broed on March 28, 2010 at 2:13 am

    Bro/Sis, just for remind us …

    40 days for our father on this march 29, 2010.


    Broed from BB.


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