Orbs at Yoga Class

Oleh : A. Sari

Yoga Practicing, Writer & Researcher of art, culture, ancient history of Nusantara


These pictures i got at my yoga class,that is yoga children class. We’ve been practicing yoga at this class more than a year. It’s quite different method teaching of children yoga class than adult class. Here in children class we have more asanas n beatable music.

This yoga not only practicing indoorclass. Sometimes, i bring my students to the nature place. We find a best park with many tress and also jogging track. There find the nice n wide landscape where we can put our mattress as a group, than doing yoga together.

I believe (also base on my research) that when a group or teamwork make a positive activities, with positive mind or action, we collect and gather many positive energy. So that what happen on my yoga class (including this children class). We practicing  some asanas, also practicing mind reader, sometime practicing our intuition about something. Lots of smile and laugh at the class.

I get my camera, that i shoot at my students!

The aim is to get nice picture about my yoga class. But than I realize that many white/light circle that known as ORBS, just sorounding my students.

This is one of the proof that creating positive things in a bunch of group (positive mind, positive activity, positive contibution) can raising our consciousness. We’ve just being a positive magnet on earth. There than the orbs come and give their positive energy to the group. I guess that what happen to our yoga class.

orbs at yoga class

orbs at yoga for children class

orbs at yoga class1

orbs at yoga for children class 1

orbs at yoga class 2

orbs at yoga for children class 2

* * *

You or your community could invite us to share our Shangkala team experience of ORBS! We’d love to share to you.

Please contact us on :

E-mail : artshangkala@gmail.com

Facebook : shangkala.orbs

Phone : +6221-68570729




Class held for private (1-2 persons) or small group class (4-8 persons).

Class held for 4- 8 times meeting.

The class available in Jakarta & Bali – Indonesia

Further information, please contact :


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