Orbs & Light Beings in Ancient Tribes, Java-Indonesia

by : Shangkala team

Our team just visited one of the ancient tribe in Java-Indonesia. As usual, we visit there to collecting the data of culture, history & spiritual wisdom by the Elder there. An elder, which is one of the chief on the tribe, became our guide. His son also accompany our journey there.

The journey was amazing. Even only 3 days being there. We just like entering into another dimention. And when the journey finish, we feel like new born human being. We got the data, the wisdom from the Elder & also the beautiful pictures show some light beings.

These are some interest pictures from our journey, where’s not only Orbs, but also other light beings :

Orbs following our steps & Sparkling Light beings surround us


the Sparkling Light Beings


the Lightwave & Orbs


Red Orbs sorrounding the Son’s of the Elder


Thanks for the journey. Thanks for the Elders who guide us. Thanks for the Orbs & all Light Beings that accompany our journey.

Peace is You. Light is You. Love is You.

Shangkala Team.

* * *

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2 responses to this post.

  1. Hello my name is Tammy Fox and we own a place here in Montana called the Montana vortex and house of mystery near glacier national park . On a very regular basis we photograph these big red orbs around me out in the vortex. I can ask them to show themselves and they almost always do. I feel they are native American in their energy. What do you know of such things ? I am very interested in and drawn to these energies. They also answer my questions yes and by showing themselves and a no show is no. Hope you will share what you know with me! Thanks for your time. Sincerely Tammy Fox email is tammy.kayfox@gmail.com.


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