Asanas Yoga. Healthy & Happy of Body & Soul

By : Desie Arumsari

(Chandra Yoga Teacher, Body Earth Healing Teacher & Acupuncture Therapist)

Yoga at the river bank, inside the ancient tribe in West Java

The Origin of Asanas Movement

The understanding of asanas in Yoga is the postures of body or certain body movements. These movements formerly inspired by various available things in nature. Some asanas inspired by the cat writhes, the frog hop, dog straightening standing, flower beautifully blossom, the firm of huge tree at forest, lotus flower upon a pool, the wind blows nicely, wave at ocean, shining of the sun, calm moon, stars blinking, and all the things provided by the nature.

Hence the asanas that we do in Yoga class, feels really natural, cozy, and doesn’t feel pain. This make asanas Yoga can be done by baby, child, teenager, and adult. The movement of asanas adjusted by each age who does it.

baby asanas

Besides Body & Brain, Man Has Soul

In our daily activities we could forget our soul. Routine activities are physical routine work which already remembered by our brain. Almost the same path everyday life. We become like robot that have some programs which doing same things. Robotic-man. Is that we are?

Man has body, mind and soul. How we realize that we have soul? Yoga is one of the way. Doing Yoga routinely, as we go out from everyday routine activities (business, work, school and education, etc), which actually “ indispensable by the soul ”. Soul even wants to be feel by our body, by our mind. The soul peripheral which is body & brain need momentary hush. Soul wants to be remembered by body and brain.

Yoga for Children

yoga for children

yoga for children workshop

happy in Yoga for Children workshop

Feel the Soul with Our Body Movements

In my Yoga class, I give some asanas. Participants follow it technically. This is the  phase at  the early meeting, the technic. After the asanas movements are good technically, I continue to do asanas by feel it with our soul. Try to feel the movements.

The air we breath, inhale and exhale. Feel our breath nicely. Then combine our breath and our body movements. This combination if we do nicely and deeply, we could realize we move not only our body. There’s something inside that flow, move, energize our body naturally and comfort. That is when we feel our soul.

Each participant could reach different level of consciousness. Some can feel the body and breath movement easily and comfortable. Some can feel there’s energy flow around their body. Some get difficeult to do the asanas because the stiff body as a result from hours at office lies is in front the computer. Some can do the asanas technicallhy but still need harmonize the breath. Some with fun laughing themself see their own movement  are quite funny. Some get difficulty because the illness they have.

The most important we need is : our openness in doing these movements. Doesn’t matter we’re fat, skinny, too old, still teenager, or whatever our feeling inside us, get it all away from us. Be free! Be Happy & Joy! Because our Soul wants to be happy, cheer, joy. Soul is happy. Soul is Free. Soul is Joy. This would open the difficulty from the stiff body movements, closed mind, and bad feeling. The cells in our body become happy and than can be healthy.

The participants which do routine Yoga, having great development. It is seen from the balance of body, body flexibility, greater imunity, and the harmony among breathing and movement. So healthy situation & happy can be reached by our body and soul .

Indoor & Outdoor Yoga

In early meeting, I take the participant do indoor yoga. At indoor comfortable class. This is required, to focus on the material and fully experience their asanas. After each participant can control n feel their movements & breath in a great harmony,  they can also harmonize with other pasticipants. This stage required to form foundation of self and forms a steady & firm group class.

If those has been reached, I bring the class to do Yoga outdoor, in nature. Yoga outdoor will take us more free, more energy, and practice us to unite with nature.

We just can go to the nearest place, which is the city park. At the city park, there are some big trees, clear air and feel cozy, not crowded. This place is quite good place to do ourdoor Yoga.

We also can go to hot mineral spring water at the mountain. To feel deeper the nature. Or we can also do outdoor Yoga at sea shore! The material of Yoga outdoor is almost the same with yoga indoor. Time needed only around one hour. But at the end of class, we can do meditation and than take a bath at the hot spring mineral water or the beach.

Senior Yoga participants group which I can see their development. While this class do the asanas movements with breathing already harmony, we feel that the trees around us also moving following our movements. Some flowers become so fragrance, we can smell it more. The soiled insect rattling. The wind blows on us and around the environtment. This harmonic situation just created among our participants yoga and the nature environment which moving following us, joy feeling and smooth. Bamboo, grove, leaves, water at the pool, sea water, the waves, the flowers are become one. This is one of Yoga meaning: unite, that we can experience. Unite with with the nature.

yoga at swimming pool side

yoga at garden

Happy healthy !

For further information about yoga & meditation class, please contact :

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