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Yoga for Kindergartens



By Desie Arumsari 

This would be a great experience for me to share to you all. My experience of teaching yoga for a semester in a kindergarten: Sekar Harapan Kindergartens, manage by Humanisti Foundation, in Jombang, Ciputat, Tangerang, Indonesia.

About Sekar Harapan Kindergartens

This kindergartens establish few years ago. The humanisti foundation dedicate this kindergartens for pupils have no budget to school. So the pupils study free payment, all fund become responsibility of the foundation. Parents of the pupils working as scavengers, labor, maid, driver. By study here, parents fell relieve.

The curriculum almost the same as other kindergartens. But since 2012, they add Yoga in to the curriculum. So here I am J

Yoga and Therapy Programs

My background in Yoga more than 13 years and as acupuncturist couple of years. So when I  decide to teach here, I give attention to the yoga materials related to Health.

Every once a month me and our clinic team, check health of each pupil. After that, we give them therapy, which is massage and acupressure. Few of them get acupuncture.

Another program we create is Children Therapy Training for parents. How to give therapy to their own children. The material such as how to circulate the meridians, acupressure points, etc.


Health of Pupils at Beginning Semester

In Yoga class, at first month to second months I teaches, pupils have condition :

·         Body low flexibility.

·         Lots complain when doing asanas yoga.

·         Not really focus in session.

·         Few of pupil’s body posture not straight stand up.

Result of health check analysis at first to second month:

·         Most of pupil cough and flu, easy to contracting one another.

·         Low immunity.

·         5 vital organs (lungs, kidney, lever, heart, spleen), their meridian most are unbalance.

·         Half of the pupils have unbalance digestion system.

·         Some of them have disease genetically, such as shortness breathing, itchy skin.

The positive thing already have by the pupils :

·         Great confidence, even they came from the lower economy family.


Materials of Yoga

·         Smile. To create energy of happy and smile from beginning to end of yoga session.

·         Thanks to body, mind, soul.

·         Thanks to the sun give energy to earth and galaxy

·         Thanks to our 5 vital organs (lungs, kidney, lever, heart, spleen).

·         The asanas which appropriate to their cute body. Asanas taken form nature philosophy, such as bamboo posture, bamboo blew by the wind, butterfly posture, cow posture, dog posture, lotus posture, lotus blooming posture. The sequence of Sun Salutation and Moon Salutation.

·         Breathing technique, the simple one.

·         How to recycle negative energy into positive energy of 5 vital organs (lungs, kidney, lever, heart, spleen) by its color, sound, spiral movement.

Health Check and Therapy by our team :

·         Check health condition of each pupil.

·         Give them all therapy such as acupressure, massage.

·         Share the herb recipe to the parents. Such as boiled turmeric water add brown sugar for stomach health. Coconut water to clean the lungs, etc.

 children therapy

Children Therapy Training for the parents

We share the parents how to therapy their children. The materials are :

·         Technique to circulate the meridians of body children

·         Acupressure body points

·         Massage for children

·         How to acupressure

·         How to recycle energy negative into positive energy after giving therapy.

·         Bath salt regularly to release the stiffness and negative energy.

The benefit routine therapy for children

We suggest the parents to give their children therapy once in a week.  This is result good effect such as :

·         Increasing immune system of the children

·         Lowering the rate of flu and cough

·         Children feel the comfortable when parents directly give them therapy

·         Increasing the emotional relation between parents and children

·         A natural way to maintain children health at their own family


Progress of the Pupils, Mid – End Semester

In Yoga Class

·         Pupils body much flexible

·         They ask for more challenging asanas

·         No complain, but enjoy doing each session

·         Body posture become straight when stand up

·         Very focus when doing breathing technique

·         Very focus in session recycle negative energy into positive energy of 5 vital organs

·         Stronger Connectivity between pupils and me

·         Stronger connectivity between pupils and nature (wind, sun light, butterfly)

Health Check Analysis

·         Rare having flu and cough

·         Their digestion system much better

·         Their 5 vital organs meridians balance

·         Some were looked thinner become bigger and taller

·         They already conscious of health, so not buy food/junk food outside home and school

·         The genetic illness of them become disappear

·         Great connectivity between parents and children (because parents give routine therapy to the children).

 meditation for kids

The experience I don’t get in adult yoga class

In this kindergartens class, I fell easier to share the materials. Ha ha ha perhaps they just like white paper, no dogma, no mind. They are free to do each asanas and simple doing the breathing technique. I enjoy looking at them. So beautiful.

At some session, sometime me and the foundation management  (she like to visit our class), become amazed seeing the connectivity of this children with nature. Let me try to share. There is bamboo posture. Than bamboo left and right moving cause of the wind blow. I told the pupils : Lets blew together. Doing this asanas couple of times, than we are feel the wind really blew, even blowing the trees around the area. The nature elements very connected with the children.

Our class begin 7.30 am. The sun directly shines the light at our window. So we say thank to the sun cause give the light energy to us, to earth, to universe. After saying it, the sun light in a very shine but comfortable ray in our eyes. Its amazing !

One asanas is butterfly posture. I said to them, what color butterfly do want? They said : I’m yellow, me brown, I’m white, me black, I’m green. Class becomes noisy. Than together we be as a caterpillar change in to butterfly. Than suddenly there are some butterfly entering our class thru our window. Pupils happy and yelling : it’s the butterfly, butterfly in our class, hurray!

Class full of happy of these children. I just amazed and my mouth cant say anything for seconds. When I back realize, I say thanks, and feel all blessed.

‎good morning sun shine

Well, that’s my experience in yoga for kindergartens. We get connected in many ways. In nature, movements, breathing, mind, creation. I wish my writing here connect with your heart.

Thank you for reading this article. May our children be blessed and shine 🙂


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Yoga Nusantara : Body Earth Healing

Awakening the Consciousness of Movements & Breathing with


Yoga Nusantara is truly Nusantara yoga. Here, we have two collection of yoga Nusantara.

1. Body Earth Healing

The very first step level here is : BEH (Body & Earth Healing).

BEH  inspired by Bali dance movements, basic martial art and the breathing technique.

The breathing techniques used are inhale – exhale, combination of inhale-exhale-hold and locking the energy in center of body energy. Also take and give energy from the sky to the earth.

This yoga is able to do from teenager to adult people.

2. Chandra Yoga

Second level after finishing the lesson of Body Earth Healing is Chandra Yoga. Taking from the ancient manuscript of yoga in Nusantara. Where this Chandra Yoga already vanish in India and Tibet. But here, we delve and share this ancient yoga. The pose and the breathing technique. Chandra Namaskar, Chandra Kirana, etc till 16 stage of Chandra Yoga.

Benefits of Yoga Nusantara – Body Earth Healing :

  • Practicing BEH  would flow the circulation of energy within our body include opening the blocking energy of meridians points.
  • Burning fat. This is suit for practicioners who want to have slimmer body and shape the body naturally & balance.
  • The breathing technique would create the life force energy which recharges bopdy energy and conecting practicioners with the earth.
  • As a mind exercise by focusing the energy while body move from one movement to another. It’s a good routine practice for a meditative life, full of consciousness.
  • The life force energy created would help purification of environment. A strong group practice would create healing energy for the earth. Practicioners becoming the source of healthy life force energy in daily life.


  • Breathing technique
  • Ball of energy practice
  • 1 – 10 movements

Focus the energy in your hands


Let the energy flow naturally with your body movement


Lets collect the life force energy !


Body Earth Healing at Kuta Beach

Yoga Nusantara (BEH) freshen up the body & energy


Yoga Nusantara in Borobudur


movement of grounding energy to earth


poses of Yoga Nusantara



  • Drg. Pool Sitompul, Mn

” Bagus. Luar biasa. Perlu rutin dilakukan “.

  • Eka W.

Sfaff Perawat RS Carolus

” Sangat bermanfaat dan menyenangkan “.

  • Dwi Z.

Staff Perawat RS Carolus

” Bagus, sangat bermanfaat. Tetap harus dilakukan terus menerus “.

  • Agus MP

Dokter Lingkungan Hidup RS Carolus

” Menarik.  Tenang jadinya.

Perlu rutin dilakukan. Ada kumpulan di sini “.

  • Florentina Setiati

” Bagus. Banyak gerakan yang membantu untuk menjadi bugar.

Dimana saya bisa ikut latihan ini? ”

  • Sr. Theresina CB

” Menarik, menyehatkan, menyegarkan pikiran dan menyejukkan jiwa.

Terima kasih. Allah SWT memberkati “.

  • Bertha


” Latihan dan penyiapan materi sangat menarik “.

  • Lastri

” Cukup mengesankan. Gerakan lambat tapi membuat badan sehat. Mohon dilanjutkan. Thanks “.

  • Eva

” Good…good…good ”

  • Cece

” Suegere puooll muantabb..”

  • Dewa

” Bagus. Terutama untuk relaksasi. Sayang tidak siap dengan pakaian olahraga, gerakannya tidak bisa puas “.

  • Aniez

” OK banget. Bersemangat “.

  • Restu

” Baik dan bermanfaat “


Contact : Olive 087774334118 (What’s App)


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