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Orbs in Pencak Silat Community

By : A. Sari

From the previous explanation about ORBS, we’ve seen many orbs pictures and more understand that nowadays orbs coming more and more on earth in every positive human activities.

Here are some pics taken in Pencak Silat community, that is Perguruan Silat Tadjimalela in Bandung. While their master giving some lessons, the orbs coming. Where the students doing some technical move, the orbs are surrounding them. Or where they demonstrate in an invitation, the orbs also seen. All these pictures taken around 2006 – 2008.

and lets we try to see deeper beyond these pictures :

(1) orbs appear in a sharing lesson moment of Tadjimalela community

orbs in tadjimalela00

On the picture, the pupils or students are kids & teenagers. They come from many area in West Java to the central learning of Pencak Silat Tadjimalela on Manglayang Mt. They practice for days and sharing their lesson with their master. They have strong will for doing this positive activities. So that encourage the orbs coming sorround these pupils.


(2) orbs appear in a wise mentoring of the master to the pupils

orbs in tadjimalela02

Still on the same occation like the (1) picture. The master giving some wise words, wise advise, the philosophy lessons. Tadjimalela is a pencak silat community which train the pupils not only the technical pencak silat, but also philosophy of the elders and the spiritual lessons. Orbs like this kind of activities.


(3) orbs appear in an internal demonstration

orbs in tadjilamlela02

Picture  show an internal demonstration near the fire camp. The pupils doing some movement and gather the pure energy from the movements. The environment, their place that is mountain and trees, and clean air, make them easily arbsorb the pure energy. We can say it as prana or chi in different languages. That’s make orbs come, unite and form in a big white circle.


(4) orbs appear in an external invintation of a silat demonstration

orbs in tadjimalela04

In the external demonstration, usually this Tadjimalela Pencak Silat community have invitation to presence their demonstation. Even they do in common public places without mountain, trees, or cleaner air but the speacial movements and technics, still can gather pure energy, more chi or prana. If you seen by yourself at the demonstation, you’ll feel the energy. So great, spiritly and amaze you! When the audience also feel these, more positive energy on that place. Orbs? Surely will be around all of you there.


Enjoy those pictures & open more your sensitivity to accept the orbs presence around you

; )

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