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Heart, Hands & Orbs @ Merapi Volcano, Central Java, Indonesia

by : The Team

Merapi volcano eruption

pic by : The Team

Starting 26 October 2010 until today Merapi Volcano which located in Central Java, where lies in four regency; Jogjakarta, Magelang, Klaten, Boyolali erupted again. This newest eruption of Merapi Volcano is the biggest since 100 years. The eruption not only flowing the lava, but this volcano popular with the volcanic ash, or the local people mention it with : wedhus gembel. This volcano ash has very high temperature around 500-600 Celcius. Usually no living thing alive if swept by this volcanic ash.

the evacuation of Merapi volcano

pic by : Dody – friend of The Team

First eruption, the government vulcanology state that people who living at range of 10 km must be evacuated. Than seeing the eruption bigger and bigger, the evacuation area larger, at range 15 km to 20 km from the volcano. More than 360.000 people evacuated to many evacuation area. Until today, expected more than 200 people died from the eruption.

died from the Merapi eruption

pic by : Dody – friend of The Team

The Team consist of human who love human & nature, give respon to this natural disaster. After raising some donation, in the middle November 2010, The Team went to central Java. They find some information from their links in Magelang and Jogjakarta. The links in both area is also the evacuation place. In Magelang,  contact persons provide their home as evacuation place. Also place for some volunteer get information about local area.

packing the donation

pic by : The team

distribute the donation & orbs around the villagers

pic by : The team

The Team know from here that not all the people evacuated. Still some area, the villager not taken to be evacuated even these area 7-10 km from Merapi volcano. A brave story we get from here : Since the villagers knew they’re not taken to be evacuated, so all the villagers take one voice : we die together or live together. Because the villagers still see the volcano blew its volcanic ash. They’re not afraid, but try to believe the fate. This village located in Muntilan region. The huge volcanic ash stampede from the mouth of volcano, the village above & down their village vanish, broken down by the very hot volcanic ash. But they’re all save, alive. Amazing, the ash just like jumping above their village.  After that, these villagers try to survive without food.

finally the villagers have dinner, accompany also with the orbs

pic by : The team

Heard this information, rushed The Team went there. Share some food, equipment and donation to the villagers. The Team glad so much seeing the face of the villagers. All looks happy, cheerful, even no food and their house cover with the ash, gray color everywhere. Seems these villagers happy still alive with their pure heart.

volcanic ash everywhere

pic by : The team

no color except gray

pic by : The team

Some days we move from one village to another village. Than at the last day, The Team went to Borobudur temple. The biggest temple in Central Java. All there pray together for the save and protection of living people. But, so sad seeing the condition of the temple covered by the volcanic ash. Next become quiet big job to clean and clear the area of temple from the volcanic ash for the government.

the survivor

pic by : The team

From beginning journey in Central Java until finishing at the temple, our photographer catch many view of orbs. So wonderful. Feel of love and pure energy.

Orbs at Borobudur temple

pics by : The Team

Borobudur with divine energy

pic by : The Team

Hopefully as human being, we’re all can change better quality. The natural disaster won’t happen if people in living area create the accumulation of positive energy, positive feeling, positive thinking and harmony with the nature. Nature as part of the human living.

among the gray..this young paddy field still alive & green

pic by : The Team

Last we may say ” for all living creatures and human actions are aligned, so that there is peace in the natural world and the universe “

* * *

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