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Training for Woman – Children Therapy

Born as a woman is a great things. Because there are a lot of aspects with connect to a woman. A family is the closest connection.

A big sister or a mother in a family, not only grow their children or youngest family members. They also have natural instinct to taking care of the family. Including the health of family.

When a child sick, older sister or mother would find a way to heal. Weather go to clinic, doctor, or doing something to cure the child.

Natural therapy is one of thing that a sister or mother could do at home. It’s important as a woman in home knowing how to therapy.

Base on this, we collaborate with one of school of a foundation to give training for a woman (moms and sister) to be able therapy their children.

Training that the woman learn here :

  • general info about meridian systems, body organs
  • introduction about chakra and energy
  • practicing to open meridian systems
  • general points related to meridians systems and organs to do accupoints.

This method already applied to the parents/old sisters of kindergartens. These are our 2nd year.

We suggest parents/sisters therapy their children once a week. Even when the children are in health condition. Remember, a healthy children are always active, lots of movements and plays.

Routine therapy would make their energy balance, recharge, muscles in right position, mind calm, body relax.

Here are the result of giving therapy routine to the children :

  • Children have better health.

Most problems of children are their digestion system and respiration system. Each week, children healthy become better and healthy.

Children tend to eat home cook rather than buying snack outside.

  • Children immune system is better than before. They are now always come to school.

They were once a month not coming to school because sick.

  • Connection between child and mom/sister closer than before.

This creates a mutual relation between them. Other family members (father or brother) also feel that the family become have strong bond.

Natural therapy is a great way to live in natural way as a family. It is simple, less cost, create string bond, healthy. And the main is because we are a natural being in a natural planet, earth.

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training child therapy by moms & sisters