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Orbs in Baduy Banten

By : Shangkala team

Baduy or the real name is Kanekes Village, is one of the ancient tribe in Nusantara. It is located in Banten, West Java. If you don’t have your own car, from Jakarta we can use the bus or train. Than continue with local transportations. Need 3-4 hours to be there.

Remember, our visiting to this tribe, just like other ancient tribes in part of the world, it means that we’re learn there, absorb them, not like just having a regular holiday or vacation.

We come to Kanekes (Baduy) from an invitation from one of the elder there. It’s been a great journey where we learn their culture, way of life and way of thinking. And we also capture the orbs picture inside the people activities. Very interesting! It’s the journey of our soul.


orbs in Baduy Banten


orbs in Baduy Banten 1

baduy 2

orbs in Baduy Banten 2

Baduy 3

orbs in Baduy Banten 3

baduy 4

orbs in Baduy Banten 4

so many orbs

orbs in Baduy Banten 5

* * *

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