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Shangkala Team in Wellbeing Sanctuary at Namaste Festival 2012

Healing Clinics

Wellbeing Sanctuary is a part of large and famous International yoga and meditation festival : Namaste Festival. In 2012, Shangkala team have healing booth here. These event held from 23-25 November 2012, in the Sultan Hotel, Jakarta.

Our healing area are :

  • Acupuncture and Essential Oil Therapy by Desie Arumsari
  • Spinal and Bones Balance Therapy by Hendra Lawadi

Our booth open after our wellness class finished, which were 2 – 6 pm.

Acupuncture and Essential Oil Therapy

Acupuncture is done by opening the blocking of chi in meridians, balancing the body organs and recharge the chi organs. this therapy is used for improving your health such as for balancing the blood circulation, digestion system, respiration system, reproduction system, etc. The therapy also for beauty treatment such as opening face aura, reducing wrinkle, reducing acne, reducing sports and irregular menstruation.

A new method of healing which is found by Desie and her Mentor is Essential Oil Therapy. They discover the connection between meridian points through essential oil.  Using the same way of analysis the illness from basic acupuncture knowledge, but therapy not using needles. They are replaced by essential oil which put by crystal point to point of meridians. The essential oil used are pure from flower essential oil+base oil. Enjoy this therapy without pain of needles 🙂

Desie - Acupuncture Essential Oil Therapy IMG_4605

Essential Oil Therapy


the acupuncture session with Desie

Spinal and Bones Balance Therapy

This therapy is good for people with sport injuries, spine and bones dislocation, stiffness, daily habit activity, trauma accident, rebalanced the structure of your spine and bones. This therapy can open the blocked chi in spine and bones. so you can move freely.

Patients who visit this therapy session are yoga participants, rugby athlete, old people who difficult in standing position and walking. With basic healing such as chikung, hypnotherapy, chiropractic, reiki, Hendra treat all patients with many smiles and laughs. He said : healing is truly from heart  🙂

HL SPinal and bones balance therapy 100_5669

HL Spinal and bones balance therapy 100_5783

HL Spinal & Bones Balance therapy100_5681


Wellness IMG_4387

inside the Wellness Sanctuary area

wellness IMG_4440

Healers, patients and participants share together in Wellness Sanctuary

Even only 3 days of healing, we hope we can share a good way of natural healing to the visitors of Namaste festival.

So…. Healthy – Happy – Wealthy


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