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Yoga & Meditation in BSD & Bintaro 2016

Open New Yoga Class in BSD, Bintaro & Jakarta Timur

Consciousness Microcosm of Yoga & Meditation

Theories and Practices :

1. How to Flow Meridians

* Understanding about Meridians

* The connection between Merians, Blood circulation, nerves system and internal organs.

* The movements to flow meridians

* the movements to balance upper-lower body, right-left body, front-back body.

2. Chandra Yoga

Second level after finishing the lesson of Body Earth Healing is Chandra Yoga. Taking from the ancient manuscript of yoga in Nusantara. Where this Chandra Yoga already vanish in India and Tibet. But here, we delve and share this ancient yoga.
The pose and the breathing technique: Chandra Namaskar, Chandra Kirana, etc till 16 stage of Chandra Yoga.

3. Consciousness of Cosmic Meditation
Theory and practice about :
* Smile meditation
* Spiral movement to recycle (-) energi into (+) energy
* How to recycle (-) energy into (+) energy of our 5 vital body organs (lungs, kidneys, lever, heart, spleen) with color vibration, sound vibration, spiral movement.
* 4 elements breathing technique (land, water, fire, air) with related to chakras.
* Cosmic meditation. Related to chakras, indras, connect with micro and macro cosmic consciousness.

These are suitable for :
* yoga practice
* meditation practice
* health lover
* spa lover
* adult who love health
* patient who want better heatlh

“get your health consciousness and benefits here with us ”

Location : BSD, Bintaro, Jakarta Timur

One Package : (8X meeting)

For group or Private contact :

whats app : 089637274100