Workshops Cosnciousness Microcosm Energy by Shangkala-Desie-Hendra in Namaste Festival 2012

schedule yoga namaste

Schedule Day 1 Namaste Festival 2012

schedule yoga-2 namaste

Schedule Day 2 Namaste Festival 2012

schedule yoga-3 namaste

Schedule Day 3 Namaste Festival 2012

SHangkala IMG_4398

Shangkala explain to participants about Micro-Macrocosm Consciousness

Shangkala IMG_4400

Most participants are families that bring their wife/husband or children

Shangkala IMG_4403

Time to know who we are. Not hear from outside only listen inside, not see the outside but see inside,

not speak, only feel inside, not breath but die when we’re still alive

Shangkala IMG_4565

grounding the body negative energy to the earth. Thanks to mother earth

which always recycle negative energy into positive energy.

desie 100_5719-

Desie share how to move and breath in consciousness with yoga ala nusantara

desie 100_5723

Lets recycle negative energy into positive energy of all 5 main body organs : Lungs, kidneys, lever, heart and spleen

Desie 100B6080

Lets moves this energy 

Desie IMG_4411

move this energy into front of body

Desie IMG_4412

Fokus to the energy, keep in manipura chakra than relax breathing

Desie IMG_4413

the podium from outside

Desie IMG_4603

Pose & smile!! 🙂

HL 100_5654

Hendra share energy session

HL 100_5657

Flexible the spine

HL 100_5736

backbone flexibility and recharge with energy

HL 100_5738

feel your spine and hands flexibility

HL 100_5764

focus to your hands to access the energy

HL 100_5668

sharing health session between participants and Hendra


yoga taman kanak-kanak

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