Namaste Night Celebration, guided by Shangkala 24 November 2012

namaste night celebration

Saturday, 24th November 2012 at the second day of International Namaste Festival, Jakarta 2012 there’s an night event named : Namaste Celebration.

Where there’s a collective meditation guided by Shangkala. Than traditional music perform such as Bali gamelan with Cultural Club Indonesia, Didik Ninik Thowok, tabla perform.

In collective meditation. the environment really support. Some children already stand by make small layers of circle, surrounded by candles. At the center, Shangkala was sitting there guided. All others participants sitting around at the floor, tables in this lovely room stage area and following the meditation nicely. When Shangkala guide the meditation, her singing bowl, add more sacred energy. All feels so peaceful and tranquility.

After meditation the traditional music perform. All participants fell happy 🙂

Collective Meditation guided by Shangkala IMG_4450

the stage for meditation

Collective Meditation guided by Shangkala IMG_4461

children make layers of circle

Collective Meditation guided by Shangkala 100_5694

collective meditation with Shangkala

Collective Meditation guided by Shangkala 100_5711

all corners filled with participants meditation

Namaste Celebration IMG_4482

Cultural Club Indonesia, the Balinese gamelan begin to play

Namaste CelebrationIMG_4484

full of orbs 🙂 the light entities

Namaste Celebration IMG_4481

the performers, the dancer all metl in this moment

Namaste Celebration IMG_4495

Pose together with the performer, the committee and meditation teacher

Thank you all

Light shine us

Namaste. Sampurasun. Om Swastiastu. Kulonuwun.

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