Amethys & Rose Quartz

Amethys is a purple-lilac quartz which the energy vibration very connected to our head. Suit to persons who have insomnia, headache, stressful or any disease in head area.
Amethys use for spiritual person who always want in spiritual area. Because give strong energy to our head chakra, open the spiritual and physical energy, good for meditation, calmer feeling, bring a deep state of sleep, protective energy from self deception-guilty feeling-humility.
Healers who use amethyst in therapist, the energy would give great focus in therapist session. Cure of a healing could be faster.
Rose quartz is a Love Stone. Its very related to Heart Chakra. which related to Love, Cheerful & Happy is open & active.
Sometimes problems seems difficult & drain our love energy. This is the time to raise the Love & Happy energy by using this Rose Quartz.
Combination of Amethys & Rose Quartz support energy of Head Chakra & Heart Chakra. Two main chakra of healing – healthy – happy.

amethys-rose quartz

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