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Green Garnet & Flourite

Like other Garnet colors, Green Garnet is stone of wholeness, unity & sparkling the energy. Sparkling energy would raise the self esteem & confidence.
Green Garnet related to Heart Chakra, which is support of healing, meditation, passion, balance, stable condition, opening the blocking energy.
When move into a new place, new environment, new career, the sparkling energy of Green Garnet would bring user to new friends, new links which really connected from the heart, life vision, same minded.
Good for career woman to expand career, businessman to be creative-productive.
Flourite Related to Crown Chakra & Heart Chakra. Give focus energy of tasks, vision. Healing stone for headache, stress tension, high blood pressure, bones, joints & muscles.
Good for children to bring their chaos in to coordinate activity.



Tiger Eye

The golden color connected with Manipura Chakra & Green color connected with Heart Chakra.
Tiger Eye brings the energy of confidence. Also bring good of digestion system & vitality. The golden color brings wealthy energy. Suit for business persons, hard workers, students.
The eye sharp the intuition, clear sight, see holistic or universal. Stone for meditation for a clear mind, clear thinking, focus & direct. Stone for persons with high vision of life.
As a protection stone from the negative energy from outside.



Aquamarine Crystal

Soft energy but high vibration with warm angel protection. Related to Throat Chakra & Heart Chakra. That’s why suit for persons who work or creativity with voice, such as singer, PR, marketing, director. Ailment for sore throat, cough, flu & illness related to throat.
Children also good wear this lovely stone. Very connected with their heart & also as protection stone.
Legend said that Aquamarine is protection stone of the sailors.
Aquamarine is a meditation stone. Because the energy bring peace & connected to high spirits.




Yellow Jade

Yellow Jade related to Manipura Chakra & Heart Chakra. That’s why would bring good circulation of energy & vitality. Also good for a long traveling cause protect from the air sickness & stamina.Same with other colors Jade which is bring good relationship.
Appropriate to used by emotional persons, cause would bring warm feeling & love feeling.
Stone that support healthy & wealthy. Means when we are in healthy condition, wealthy can be achieve.



Holistic Healing Workshop


present :


Awakening the Consciousness of Body – Mind – Soul

March 24th 2012

@ Gripa Studio.
Jl. Taman Margasatwa No.9 Ragunan. Jakarta.
+6221 70756767


Awakening the Consciousness of Body & Energy.
* Understanding ‘CHI’ in our Body, Nature and Universe.
* History of TAO connected with CHIKUNG about 3000 years ago. The development of it by Shaolin which known as Taichi.
* Chikung as basic innercises for persons who do yoga, taichi, reiki, etc

Awakening the Consciousness of Movement & Breathing
* Inspired by Bali dance, basic martial art and breathing technique.
* The gentle movements & breathing would circulate the body energy, opening the meridians points, balancing the body proportion.
* Breathing techique : collecting, locking & flowing
* Body Earth Healing purify the environment energy. So would help the earth to heal as a secure & savety place for beings.

Awakening the Consciosness of Mind & Soul.
* Understanding about ‘Consciousness’ in our daily life.
* Interactive discussion about life experience, to reveal the secret of life and the unique of life as Human being.
* The technique of Consciousness Meditation related to the function of our Senses & breathing.
* Understanding & experience as Human being that knowing who are we, knowing to do self protection.

Workshop useful  for practioners of Yoga, Taichi, Gym, Reiki, Healers & You who Love Healthy Life.
Note : Please bring your own matt, towel & sport suit.
Fee : Rp 475.000,- / participant. Inc. snack, lunch, healthy drink & certificate of participation.
Early Bird : Rp 435.000,- (up to 10 March 2012).
Registration :
1. Mawarsari Suprayogi ( & +6221-70756767
2. Lilin Marliani (  +6287889330180
Transfer : via Avi Widita. BCA Account : 7330835073


Pics of our Holistic Healing Workshop

Chikung by Hendra Lawadi – Brief theory about Chi

Chikung – Warming up

Chikung – Sword finger pose

CHikung – focus flow the energy from top to toe

Body Earth Healing – A brief explanation

Body Earth Healing – Create energy in our hands

Bring the energy in to our steps & movements

Body Earth Healing – Bring the energy into our steps & movements

Lock the energy in to body energy storage (Manipura Chakra)

Body Earth Healing – Lock the energy into our body energy storage (Manipura Chakra)

Share the energy to nature, the environment, the earth

Body Earth Healing – Share the energy to the nature, environment, earth

Brief theory about Consciousness

Consciousness Meditation by Sang Kala Tenang Putri

Who are You??

Consciousness Meditation – Answer this : Who are You?

We are connected as Matrix of Energy

Consciousness Meditation – We are connected as Matrix of Energy

With the Highest dimention connection, SKTP bring the participants to connect with their self. Not to hear. Not to see. Only see & hear their self.

Consciousness Meditation

With the Highest dimention connection, SKTP bring the participant to their self.

Not to hear. Not to see. Only hear & see to their self.

SKTP bring participants to love each body organs & self respect.

Consciousness Meditation

SKTP bring participant to love each body organs & self respect

How to recycle negative energy in our body into positive energy

Consciousness Meditation – Recycle negative energy of body into positive energy

Participants and teachers


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Black Onyx & Green Jade

Onyx useful when we want to release something. Such as a bond, partner, things. It supports energy for a decision of a new way we choose.

Onyx also a protection stone. Protection from negative energy that would come. Before the negative energy hit, Onyx give signal to user. Onyx appropriate to persons who want to stronger the intuition.

Green Jade is a cool stone to relieve the energy of heart. Persons who have high temper, emotional problem could use jade to have softer feeling and emotion.

Jade is a love stone because related to Heart Chakra. Use Jade to have strong love energy.

When the love energy full, jade attract energy of wealth. Use strong affirmation with jade, would create good energy of business.

black onyx – green jade



Amethys & Rose Quartz

Amethys is a purple-lilac quartz which the energy vibration very connected to our head. Suit to persons who have insomnia, headache, stressful or any disease in head area.
Amethys use for spiritual person who always want in spiritual area. Because give strong energy to our head chakra, open the spiritual and physical energy, good for meditation, calmer feeling, bring a deep state of sleep, protective energy from self deception-guilty feeling-humility.
Healers who use amethyst in therapist, the energy would give great focus in therapist session. Cure of a healing could be faster.
Rose quartz is a Love Stone. Its very related to Heart Chakra. which related to Love, Cheerful & Happy is open & active.
Sometimes problems seems difficult & drain our love energy. This is the time to raise the Love & Happy energy by using this Rose Quartz.
Combination of Amethys & Rose Quartz support energy of Head Chakra & Heart Chakra. Two main chakra of healing – healthy – happy.

amethys-rose quartz