Crystal Quartz (Rock Crystal)

Crystal Quartz is a very clear crystal, as clear its character. It purifies our energy, purification of the mind and soul. When our mind very crowded, using crystal quartz would help purify the mind, avoid headache and give energy for mind.

Crystal quartz suit for meditation, help breathing nicely to enter our soul. The pure energy just like energy of angel and baby. Help to see clearly.

Its best crystal used, before using other color crystal or gems. Crystal quartz is suit for all ages.

When children have fever, put crystal quartz bellow the pillow. Or children use it a a small bracelets. Crystal Quartz would absorb the fever.

pendant crystal quartz

We provide pendant of rock crystal (crystal quartz)

Please contact us to order Your Personal Crystals & Gems base on your Aura & Character :

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