Awareness is Key to Evoke Healing Light

Material Workshop/Retreat of  CONSCIOUSNESS MEDITATION

by Sang Kala Tenang Putri

Ten years ago I met a man who was a member of a teaching to find out how to get enlightenment. My understanding of enlightenment was minimal and limited, but curiosity led me to participate in a session with 16 participants, including me.

Shortly, after experiencing method of enlightenment which was given that time, then a question after question appeared in which I admitted that there are denials in my mind about the experience.

But as the time goes by, I kept training myself by using that method and tried to accept it as a new experience in my life. I had an open discussions with friends who had already been enlightened to increase my limited knowledge.

Over the years I followed diligently the spiritual discussions in various places and I was mere a listener and an observer. But deep inside me, my feeling is stirred about the truth of this enlightenment experience.

The question then arised; whether this was the right path and did not conflict with my religious beliefs, Or did I actually just go along with it? Why was there a denial in my mind about what I experienced in this enlightenment?

Finally I took the decision to not remain silent, I began to travel to ‘seek’ spiritual knowledge that I need to answer all of reality in my personal life that had been filled with turmoil and made me stress. I was in despair, and even tended to torture myself with a variety of challenging activities.

So now I present in this room to share the experiences in my travels, it could be useful not only for me but also for my daily life with the others. My obligation is to provide knowledge that I have received from life and for life itself.

Let us imagine if someone asked us, have you become enlightened? I will say what need of enlightenment? If you’ve been enlightened do I have to follow what you are saying?
Why we should ask whether we’ve become enlightened or have not become enlightened?. What is the significance of enlightenment for me? In the end, I myself who will decide what is important and what I need for my current life, that I do not need enlightenment that I need is AWARENESS. This is a bit of the story of my experiences.

Can we imagine how comfortable and glad our felings will be, if we no longer experience disappointment, not affected by the insult, do not feel ourselves a victim, never feel that we are poor people, never feel that we are suffering the most, do not feel that we are right one.
We would argue that human beings are not perfect, then it is very natural to experience feelings like this in life. Then, why do we complain that we are suffering if we think suffer is natural? Even suicide is considered normal if only because the current economic difficulties. Everything is often considered fair so that we lose the qualities of human nature as a human.
The fact is that we will be face the reality of life in our daily life but it’s not the problem.
Problems will arise if we are conditioned by the circumstances and realities. We are trapped by the illusions and dreams about ourselves and also others who are related to us.
‘Wake up’! such as sleeping and dreaming people, but we could be asleep again. Then we will do the same mistake we did yesterday. So how do we get out of the trap if we want to continue to fall asleep and dreaming?

My life experience is full of twists and turns, every problem that I discussed with some friends did not help me to get out of that illusion trap. They told me what I ‘should’ do. Finally I depended on them and were unable to solve my own problem.
One time I experienced an event which change all of my personal life. It was because I have to deal with the reality, and when it happened, no one can assist and help except myself. While I was at a desperate point and no longer wish to continue this life, I felt a pressing force in myself to ‘WAKE UP AND STAND UP’.

These are AWARENESS and Enlightment according to my experience. Start to step with a different point of view and slowly pick and choose what ‘should’ be done on the basis of our own  attitude and not because of the others’ attitude.

Whatever happens is the risk that we have to face without remorse because it is a choice that comes from yourself. Learning to become a responsible person is not easy, but it does not mean I can not. Indeed the facts and circumstances give us a way on ‘how’ to create solutions and experience that we are the source of cause and effect in this life.

“Truly, man is the source of solutions and also the source of the problem” We decide, whether we take the role as a man who is the source of a solution or a source of problems for the life we live? ‘Wake up’ is not enough, we must rise up and change the dream into reality and appreciate the reality as the trajectory of events that make us develop and grow in addressing life.

Changing perspectives on how to examine yourself and realize what we do, realize what we say, aware of what we feel, knowing what we want, realize the behavior that we express. Aware, aware and aware of all the things that happen!

Wake up and rise up so that we can understand that life is not a nightmare that we experience when we ‘sleep’ is the way to develop AWARENESS toward Enlightment.

AWARENESS will bring us to generate Light Healing lies within us. Being aware that the mind, body and soul is a unity that can not be separated.

AWARENESS is a statement to ourselves about our ‘existence’. How do we ‘appreciate’ the existence of ourselves or how we ‘view’ the existence of ourselves, how we ‘express’ ourselves is a picture of who we are to others.

Assessing attitudes and sometimes tend to judge will not merely come without a cause. We reacted to the assessment and judgments of others is also only a result if we realize the source of the cause.

Cause and effect is a law of life that we forget. “Man is the source of all cause and effect.” It appears that self-observation will be able to help us learn to know about the source of this cause and effect.

Like the people who paint and give color and character in the painting, that’s the life which we live. Meaning, beauty and strength of the character in a painting is the work of the painter. The soul, the mind and the feeling of the artist is reflected through his paintings.
“Painting of us which we express through feelings, words, thoughts and actions that we live in our life is the value of who we are”

Know Yourself, Know and Keep Yourself, is a concept that I realize as a method or way to wake up, rise and aware in dealing with the facts and the reality of life. Knowing Yourself is connected to the consciousness of the soul, Knowing Yourself is connected with the consciousness of the thought and maintaining Yourself is connected to the physical body consciousness.

Many things we have learned from the various seminars and workshops for the same purpose which looks for answers for ‘who I am’ in the true sense.

Am I what my name is, whether I am my profession, if I were my thoughts, or if I were my problems, if I were my beliefs? Then ‘WHO AM I’? This question will not come just like that, it takes honesty, openness of our own to answer it. Seminars or workshops, books about explaining about consciousness will not be fully able to help us to answer the question of ‘who I am’.

Speaker, author of the book only as a medium to convey his experience. Listening to the seminar and following the workshop or reading books does not mean we agree or not agree to live it the same way, this is because everybody’s life experience is different.
It’s not easy for us to accept new ideas and ideas which are not part of what we believe. Our reaction can be denying or offended emotionally because of other people’s opinions.
We’ve hypnotized oursleves with custom-habit that has been programmed and identify ourselves with anything that is not our true self.

Our first reaction when we hear something new is fear. We actually will not be afraid of something we do not know, but what we fear is to lose what we already believe.
We would have difficulty to talk to someone who believes that he knows best, and most correct, but it is easier when we talk to someone who would openness, shows selfish attitude, but knowing that he did not know better and more correct than others.
Trying to listen means we took a step to ‘Wake up’, try to understand that there are many obstacles in us to take the second step which leads to ‘Revive’. Trying to understand that what we need is to learn what we do not know, this is the attitude that determines our progress towards ‘awareness’. How far we are ready to think about things we haven’t known?


Being an ‘observer’ to ‘observe’ yourself! this is a step to practice the method of knowing yourself which is connected to our souls. I would explain this simple and practical method with thoughts using common sense and the basic is experiencing ourelves.


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* Yin Yoga & Consciosness Meditation 19-20 Februaru 2011 @ the STONES, Kuta, Bali

* Tantra Kriya Yoga & Energy Transformation of Micro – Macrocosm 30 April & 1 May 2011 @ the STONES, Kuta, Bali

* Holistic Healing Workshop 24 March 2012 @ Gripa Studio, Jakarta


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