By : Desie Arumsari

Balinese already pass New Year base on lunar Hindu year. Now we enter into Sasih Kedasa 1933 Caka. Still remember what happen in first day of Bali Hindu New Year. Balinese & all people, land of Bali do Nyepi or Silence Day. Most of people from outside Bali don’t understand about this culture moment.

Let me try to explain about Silence Day in Bali. This is a special moment. All people should stay in home or hotel-villa for tourists. Can’t turn on the light, lamp or any electronic device. Event you’re not Balinese. This happen for 24 hours, start in 6am until tomorrow 6am. So there’s no one walking on street, no transportation also, including the airplane. The airpost closed for that day! Amazing isn’t it.

On this silence day, there’s no air pollution, no use of public electricity, no mineral resources used, no human energy waste, no sound pollution. Could you imagine the cost saved of this moment? Very huge amount. This is one side if we look from the material side.

Another side deeper is Balinese and people who also consider the meaning of Silence day, they stay at home and in silence become time for reflection. Visit the inner self in meditation, being consciousness. Do offering, pray, mantra and deep meditation.

For me, this is the first Silence Day in Bali. Before, I was never on this islands on silence day. I really wanna join in this purification ala Bali. Even some of friends invite me to stay on their house, with full of food suply for a whole day. Still able to talk, chat. But no thanks, i choose to melt in silence day.

The offering

So I stay with my new Balinese family, where i live here. Here’s my experience :


About 6am I woke up. Usually I wake up around 7am. This time I wake up because I hear a sound…very strong. Than I stand up, wondering what sound’s that? This was more than a sound, but also wave. Just like a vibe silence roar, on & off. Than I realized this is not human sound. But the source was something near from me. I focus and enjoy heard it…so beautiful…ah finally i knew. This was the sound of ‘land’. The earth breathing. So strong vibe with the roar sound, almost like oooohhhhhmmm….silence….oooohhhhhmmmmm from from the land where i stand. After I knew it, the land also gave its connection to me. I fell they happy to know that i knew its them. I wanna explode, so happy!

They just said : that ya, every morning this is our sound, our breathing but people never hear becouse so busy with their activities. Also so many sounds all days. We’re happy you can hear us.

The birds sounds clear. Also the dogs bark. The coconut trees moving and the sounds very gentle.

Day time

The Balinese family where I stay, offering me for lunch together with them. Haha for months I stay on one of their room, this was the first time we meals together. Love it!


The sun’s not show up and beginning to enter the real silence day. No light, no computer, no music hear from neighbourhoods, no people walk on the street. So silence. Even when I had sms, my handphone light seemed very bright. So now I was entering the reflection moment. I heard the crickets sound, the birds, the dogs & the frogs. I really enjoy hearing all these natural sounds. I got transcendence. Its easy to entering the meditation state. Than I connect with my higher self, the consciousness for moments.

Around 9pm, I go out, looked at the sky. It full with the clouds. No stars seen neither the moon. I said to the sky : if now my elders & Balinese elders here, watch us in Bali island do reflection, please you all have to be seen. Slowly the clouds fade out, than i can see some stars. Ya, my elders arrived, accompany us who really melt in silence day. I smile 😉

Than i go to bed around 10pm. Lied on the ground…ya, i really wanna feel the earth close to me. Suddenly i feel a movement from the ground. Oh, an earthquake. But no one go out. Still silence. I stand up close to my door. Nothing happen than. So I back to sleep. Silence again.

First Day After Silence Day

I woke up in the morning…feel Bali air so fresh. My lungs can absorb so many oxygen. I fell many souls happy.

So, that was the experience in silence day. Few days after this, Japan hit by huge earthquake which create tsunami. Its horrible from a natural disaster. Nature warns to all human being again after in 2004 biggest earthquake & tsunami hits Aceh in our country Indonesia.

Partner yoga with Japan yoga friend

I feel now, we have to reflect all the time, at end of a day everyday. To look inside our self. Nyepi, menepi, silence, reflection, being consciousness. We never know what happen tomorrow. Perhaps we still meet at a friend, family, relative or…we never know. So, keep good connection among human being. The great action which could be remains with people among us. Create public consciousness. Create matrix love of the universe on earth.

Create the consciousness class with Japanese & other Asian yoga participants

Let me close this article by saying thanks god, thanks the Light inside me, thanks the Elders & the Guidance a long my way home.

Om Shanti Shanti. Salam. Peace. Love.

* * *

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