Conversation With the ORBS

Orbs coming from the sky to the earth

by : SKTP & Shangkala team

We have talks about a big change of the earth and now on become warm mainly discussion in Europe and America. The experts and scientists work together in their fields to reveal the mysteries of “2012”.

They work together in gathering the information. The result to be known by the people of the world through books, movies etc. The interesting is the scientists involved the ancient tribes, the famous one is Maya tribe. Maya is an ancient tribe in Latin America.

Maya famous for its Mayan calendar. These made of experts from math experts to astronomy, geology, historians, etc are stunned and admitted that the Maya are considered ancient, not only have knowledge but also “knowledge of science”. Is the mystery of 2012 also becoming our concern in this country (Indonesia)? Can we do something before the big event? Do we believe this, especially our society?


At the beginning, we simply gather to discuss about 2012. We focus on the question “so what?” What should we do in the future if this all has changed? Will we still on the earth? Will the earth disappear, or we will move to another planet?

From the question to another questions we finally agreed to work together in collecting data and cultural history of ancient archipelago. Preparing also our data base that will save it into “a save place”, in case something extra ordinaries will happen on the earth.

Started in early 2007 we formed a team which consists of 7 people who we call “Shangkala team”. The aim is to preserve and protect the data of art, culture, history, science & spiritual Nusantara (the Indonesian archipelago). We started working to collect data and create a data base using IT technology and create our own website at:
This team is not experts of scientist but we tried our best with a minimum investment and strong faith. This team consists of the “children of light” who rely on their intelligence & talents. Hopefully these all beneficial to us as a team and also for all of us!

Our first journey starts from the West Java region. We make the documentation such as photographs, interviews of the elders in deepest area of West Java which we recorded. Some special interviews concerning about the ancient culture, sites, art and history.

Apparently on these journeys, we found some interesting things. Among the pictures of our documentation, we found circles of light. At first time, we only quest about this pictures and not yet discussed it. But more often we find it on the camera pictures we have wherever places of our journeys.

Than our intuition begin move to find out about these ball of light.  Those circle named ORBS or SPIRIT BALL OF LIGHT ENTITIES.

Next one is, can we have conversation with them? That’s become of our desire.

Conversation with Orbs

At the beginning, we argued each other among the team. Because not all from us believe than the orbs can really talk with one of us.

Than we all agree having the same aim. So than we made some tools needed as mediation so every team members can see. These tools made by the instruction of the orbs which inform to one of us.

So that’s the way we made this conversation. Here we try to share the experience to all of you who interested in this.
The information we gather from these light beings (Orbs) are :
Orbs are energy that forms in different colors & different forms. Orbs are not identical to ghost who haunts. Orbs more to the pure energy, the energy of the ‘first thoughts’ in the universe. Orbs have no limit and free in space and time. However Orbs can also penetrate into the space and time.

Orbs can also come from human beings who are still alive. Orbs could also from another dimensions that serves as a mentor, supervisor and messenger. But there are also some who still participate with others to “learn to remember” about something that is forgotten.

Each have different speciality depend on each role/order which already on the Universe blueprint. Most Orbs we met came from another dimension and their knowledges are different, depending on the level of the Orbs dimensions.

Orbs are divided into several groups. One of the group called as the Elders (the Old Spirit). There are also Mentor of group and Supervisor of group. There are also groups who sorrounding the Elders group to increase their level of knowledge & experience, from Supervisor to become the Mentor. The Mentor increases their next level to become the Asistance of the Elders. There are a lot of dimensions in the universe. These are beyond of the limited most of human mind.

These are the summary of the Orbs conversation with us. The orbs we had conversation were the Supervisor Orbs, Mentor Orbs and the very special ones are the Elders Orbs.
Supervisor Orbs

One of the orbs which is as the Supervisor Orbs told about their order. Their orders are to accompany the souls who are still in the process of life journey on the earth or we can called these soul as “baby souls”. Supervisor Orbs will not intervene anything but only accompany these baby souls from things which could endanger them, on their journey of life on earth.

Supervisor Orbs work more in our feelings. They say that: feeling is the best communication and comfort between them and the baby souls.

Orbs which made our camera broken

Mentor Orbs
Next day we have conversation with the Mentor Orbs about their orders. These Mentor Orbs gave us a lot of explanation. Here are their orders:

The Mentor Orbs have larger role at the level of “memory” of human and also will not intervene anything done by human. They prefer to play at the level of memory or “creation”.

According to the Mentor Orbs, in terms of creation there is no right or wrong and good or bad. This is just a term created by man himself. But what important is what the human want to be create, and not just stop at the desire.

The order of Mentor Orbs very important for the continous human life on earth in this case is the role of “human relationships”. There Mentor Orbs who assigned and supervise the pure energy in the universe which resulting from the human mind. So the from of this will what is called by the matrix energy. The same mind interconnected form a matrix. Here there is a relationship in speech communication and action between people in life on earth.

The obstacles of unharmonize relationship is depends on the man himself. Man do not want to be responsible by himself for the creation that comes from his mind. Thus placing blame and blasphemous even to kill other human beings.

These make the matrix in the universe in chaotic, unharmonized, lack of balance that has too much over the limit.

Human on earth becoming less honest, unhonest with himself, and journey of man ‘true self’ to a ‘consciousness’ becoming to forget! So the creation energy made by human now just over the limit of law of creation or law of the universe.

The problem is not on what is created but more to the choice and what is believed by the man himself. Mistake by mistake which made not based on the ‘true self’ that is: consciousnes. Neglect the responsibility and even become self justification. So the law of the universe will determine the fate of humans today.

Mentor Orbs love the earth, the universe and all creations. The Creator created all must be with the meaning and purpose. But seems humans on ‘this time’ will experience to be dissolved.

Then we talked about the earth’s future. Mentor Orbs explained with enthusiasm.
Team                     : Did the earth will disappear or doomsday?
Mentor Orbs      : The earth will not disappear because it is created as it purpose. The presence or the absence of humans on the earth, earth still part of the Live.
Team                     : What’s the meaning of dissolved?
Mentor Orbs      : Yeah! It will be replaced with a new one, re-created in the creation of nature!
Team                     : On this process, will the human selected?

Mentor Orbs      : Yes. Man who are responsible, honest, conscious and create themselves with her/his ultimate goal soul of who she/he is! And understand why she/he was sent on this earth!

Team                     : Why there are so many Orbs are come to the earth these days. We can see through the camera or the pictures?

Mentor Orbs      : It’s the time! So we come up with more orders than usual.
Team                     : Like what?
Mentor Orbs      : Yeah we protect who worthy to be protected!
Team                     : Why is there is worthy and unworthy? So you share love differently?

Mentor Orbs      : No! This is not a matter of favourite or differently. Its about law of love. This is a cause and effect created by man himself. We have the order base on the knowledge and understanding.

Team                     : Ohhh so …! What will happen in future especially the natural disasters in Indonesia?
Mentor Orbs      : That’s not our authority to describe.
Team                     : So with whom can we talk about this?

Mentor Orbs      : It is the duty and authority of the Elders who currently also come to the earth and will more frequent coming.

Team                     : How we can meet and dialogue with the Elders?
Mentor Orbs      : You must try to connect with the pure energy!
Team                     : You mean with the power of our mind?
Mentor Orbs      : Not only that, but also connected with Elders dimension.
Team                     : How?
Mentor Orbs      : Don’t you always get there every time? In ‘that’!!
(Our team have meditation way. To entering out true self. We do meditation everyday. For more ‘true self meditation’ info, please contact by email or facebook:
Those are our conversation with Mentor Orbs. They also requested some to not appear here. All conversation  became our records, because some of the questions are a bit extreme and just to avoid misunderstanding and slander. We were grateful and thankful for our conversation.

Elder Orbs we met (near the man with the stripe cloth)

Next Journey
Next, the team have several journeys but this time we are not only hunting, collecting the art,cultural and history dat, but also hunting Orbs (ha ha ha).

In our next journey, we have some photo of Orbs. But kind of strange Orbs. Because our camera become broken and also burn!

We now really have strong will to get the Orbs that might be the Elders. In every place of our journey, we meditate and see our inner light & light of the universe. We do this in early morning around 3.00 – 5.00 Am. After days waiting than, we can’t reject the luck. We finnally meet the Elders Orbs with extraordinary event. We’re all can’t forget this moment.
We feel that Orbs on our photo is indicated something. Seems like something could happen on earth. The Orbs photo have different shape from previous Orbs, The color is whiter, clearer and has a very deep layer and a light shining in the middle.

At that moment, we are on the coast of Pelabuhan Ratu before we went to Bayah. It’s about 7.00 Pm we had dinner of fish barbeque together with the local people we met there. Then one of us captured through photographs. Seen that there is very white shiny Orbs among the local people who barbeque the fish. Then one of us tried to focus to the Orbs. Ask this Orbs to have conversation. Orbs agree to have the conversation on early morning at 3.00 Am.

We preparing any media we need at 2.00 Am. While waiting, we discussed about the works so far and think about the next step. Than at this moment, suddenly we saw the sky color had turned from a clear sky to a red color sky.

We’re all look at the sky. Suddenly in a very fast speed, there is light in the form of cicle of white-blue bright. It’s fall and sat in the  middle of a mediation tool to be used. It happened at 3 o’clock in the morning . We’re all saw with the naked eyes and very amazing! Shortly this is our first conversation with the Elders Orbs.

Summary of Conversation with the Elders Orbs

Orbs elders introduce his name (sorry we can’t mentioned here) He said he’s age is so old or ‘Ulun’ which means very old.
Elders Orbs         : Be consciousness and always alert! Because this is already the time. The disaster not a disaster, but all have to be happen on this earth. Man have very long minds and dreams. The Creator for man now is only fantasy.

Team                     : Do you mean that the Creator is God?
Elders Orbs         : (with a brief but very clear) The Creator is Creator!
Team                     : How will be the human destiny on the earth?
Elders Orbs         : All already in the hand of Books Life holder. It just like turning the palm of hand.
Team                     : Is there someone holding the books of life?
Elders Orbs         : Yes. There is also the universe book of life. What will happen later just be the witness and be a witness of the truth.
Team                     : Would there will be another major disaster in Indonesia?
Elders Orbs         : Yes, everywhere in the Nusantara!
Team                     : Nusantara, do you mean It’s Indonesia?
Elders Orbs         : All are the archipelago! (We guess its not only in Indonesia but all nations on earth).

Disaster just created. Even man ask it happen throuh his behaviors and actions of life.

At the beginning, man promise of the order on the earth. So what man has order promise just will return to man again. We just watch it and give messages and memories that have been precedes the event. But you’re getting less consciousness and less alert! Aware is because of there is consciousness! So now everything will be rebalance and harmonize.

Indonesia as a “nation”, is same with other nations. Nation was created to be exist, by the creator! Indonesian people are new people, but previously ever existed. This is the old nation but many occupants are still young.

There was a slight pause … then Elders Orbs continous:
Elder Orbs           : The old one be the first to go.
Team                     : Do you mean that the Indonesian nation disappears first from the earth?
Elders Orbs         : It won’t dissapear, but just change!
Team                     : Is there any other way?
Elders Orbs         : It’s time to change. Go the first and come at the beginning among the others!
Team                     : If we may know, what kind of disasters that would hit us? Will be any human left?

Elders Orbs         : Now all is working. Sun vomit its contents, mountains sliding, soil moving, wind and also fire work. This is Life! The remaining left is only The Noble Creator.

Team                     : What should we prepare?

Elders Orbs         : Nothing!   Live your live as you should be. Because the laws of the universe existed before human existed on earth.

This dialogue we cannot fully revealed. One message from Elders Orbs that we will be the witness of nature secret. Then he leave. His last message is “the sky is flickering and the earth is shaking”.

End of the conversation.

There are other Elders Orbs come and probably we will reported next time. We are now still continue to hunt and are hunted by more Orbs which they come to the earth bring their different orders.
Thanks fot the nature and light spirit which given us this valuable experience!

Light Peace.


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