Orbs at Costume Party

by : Shangkala Team

After we (Shangkala Team) talked i an ORBS seminar in Metafisika Study Club, Jakarta – Indonesia. We also publish our articles about orbs (the Conversation with the ORBS & so many orbs pictures taken from our journeys), we meet some new people that also found orbs on their daily life, that they never expect before.

We make some orbs discussion with them. So they have more understanding that orbs are guiding us. They are light creature from the universe that come to the people who have vision & mission related to the biggest earth changing, to the new purification of earth & universe. So, every man that have vision & mission in the world that related to these purification, will be guided by there light entities (orbs). Orbs and our ancestors also will meet the persons who related to the vision & mission from every corner of the earth.

Here some orbs picture given by our friend, Mr. Bambang.  He had a costume party with his college at the Lembang Hotel in Bandung, West Java. Thanks dear friend for your interesting pictures. Ha ha ha so great!

orbs at costume party 00

orbs at costume party 01

orbs at costume party 02


With your simple digital camera, you can find the orbs. Find the positive moment, positive discussion, seminar, retreat, spiritual places, than follow your intuition to have the orbs. Have a great orbs hunting dear readers!

* * *

You or your community could invite us to share our Shangkala team experience of ORBS! We’d love to share to you.

Please contact us on :

E-mail : artshangkala@gmail.com

Facebook : shangkala.orbs

Phone : +6221-68570729

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