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The Secret of the Universal Growth Project:
From the Birth of the Earth to Its Purification

The Gaia Project is a book that explicitly explains the meanings of life on the earth and resolves life’s fundamental questions from a universal viewpoint. It is also a guidebook that describes the currently ongoing earth’s Great Change, the process of upcoming changes, and the way that all human beings should head toward.

The universal growth project (or the Gaia Project) encompassing the birth and the last purification stage of the earth is a large-scale plan unprecedented even in such an infinite and vast universe. At the center of this project is the earth, and its final stage is accompanied with extraordinary changes, or the earth’s Great Change. The earth’s Great Change, which most ordinary people may consider a great calamity or the end of the world, has started in earnest in early 2005.

This book openly discloses the author’s insight about what had happened on the earth until the beginning of the earth’s Great Change, and what human beings will experience and learn in the future. It describes subjects as specifically and accurately as possible rather than resorting to ambiguous statements. Despite the risk of being accused, the author makes unexampled assertions about life, death, life after death, and enlightenment.

The Gaia Project reveals the essence of the earth and human beings from a universal standpoint of the author who, with rational thoughts, has been a scholar in business administration. His consciousness has transcended the boundary of the earth and has expanded to the whole universe thanks to his various spiritual experiences. Because this book greatly differs from people’s common senses, scientific knowledge, and the teachings of spiritual masters or existing religious doctrines, it can puzzle or annoy many people exposed to the book for the first time. Its contents will certainly stir up heated controversy.

In particular, the history of the earth and human beings in this book greatly differs from existing historical knowledge, so even those readers who are open-minded can be greatly confused. However, if one surely recognizes that historical and archeological knowledge are not more than loose knots of fragmentary information or imaginations, the reader will experience the opening of a totally new consciousness through this book.

The Gaia Project clearly reveals the project’s basic purpose, direction, and influence, and describes the earth’s Great Change that is occurring at the project’s last stage. Also, it explains why we are experiencing the Great Change, what changes will happen, and what we will learn.

From the above points, one can regard this book as a summary report of the Gaia Project and a sacred book exposing the origin and the essence of the earth and human beings from a universal viewpoint. This is a must book, or “the guidebook of the earth’s Great Change” that all contemporary people should read.

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Table of Contents

As I Begin This Book . . .

Part One: Gaia Project
Introduction to Part One

Chapter One: Outline of the Gaia Project
Formation and Movement of the Universe
Frequencies, Dimensions and Roles
Outline of the Gaia Project

Chapter Two: The Great Change of the Earth
Two Steps of the Earth’s Great Change
The Meaning of the Earth’s Purification

Chapter Three: Gaia Project Guides
Firefighters for the Earth
Guides for the Earth’s Great Change

Part Two: The Story of a Planet
Introduction to Part Two

Chapter Four: The History of the Earth and Humans
The Rise of Lemuria
Materialization of the Earth
The Collapse of Lemuria
Hwan-kook and Atlantis
After Atlantis
After the Great Floods
Minimum Cosmic Guidance on the Earth

Chapter Five: The Human Body
The Materialized Human Body
Multidimensional Structure of the Human Body
Flexibility of the Human Body
Connection with the Mind

Chapter Six: The Lives of the Earth People
The System of Reincarnation
Beings Who Remember Everything in the Past
Experiencers Living Planned Lives
Experiencers of the Unique Earth Energy
Beings Who Are Responsible for Their Own Destiny

Chapter Seven: The Meaning of Existence
Birth and the Evolution of Consciousness
Animals and Plants
The Higher Self and the Subordinate Self
Thought Forms Created by Human Beings

Chapter Eight: Growth of Consciousness
Differences by Level of Consciousness
Expansion of Consciousness

Part Three: Being Prepared for the Cosmic Festivities
Introduction to Part Three

Chapter Nine: Preparations for the Great Change
How Reliable Is Our Existing Knowledge?
How Was This Book Written?
Beyond Preconceived Notions
The Meaning of Spiritual Practices
What Can Be Done Now?

Chapter Ten: Cosmic Blessing on the Earth
The Preparation Period
The Last Days of the Earth
From Suffering to Bliss
The Final Message

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About the Author

Hwee-Yong Jang, Ph.D., is a professor of business administration at Inha University where he has taught since 1995. Dr. Jang received a bachelor’s degree in economics from Seoul National University in South Korea. After graduation, he had several jobs including a researcher position in Korean Development Institute (KDI). In 1979, he left for the USA to attend graduate school. Dr. Jang earned a master’s degree in economics at the University of Minnesota (Twin Cities) and a Ph.D. in business administration at Purdue University. As a professor at the University of Maryland (College Park), he had earnestly researched on accounting and financial management for six years. After returning to Korea in 1993, Dr. Jang worked for Daewoo Economic Research Institute and later became an executive officer with the LG Group. In 1998, the Korea Accounting Association offered him an academic award given to the best-written article. 

As a scholar emphasizing rationality and objectivity, Dr. Jang started gi (energy) practice in the fall of 1997 because of a health problem. Sparked by this practice, he experienced a dramatic expansion of consciousness. Fundamental questions such as “Who am I?” and “What am I living for?” started to be automatically resolved through gi related experiences. By the summer of 2000, hoping that people will experience consciousness expansion from simply understanding the intangible energy world, he wrote his first book, What We See Is Not the Only Truth (in Korean language). After the publication of his first book, he came to have various spiritual experiences including past-life regression, channeling, dreaming, and energy reading. They stimulated his continuous self-awakening and eventually led him to fully understand the Gaia Project. In June of 2005, he wrote his second book, The Gaia Project (in Korean language).

Dr. Jang’s essay “Expansion of Consciousness toward the Multi-dimensional Universe” in the Message section of this website shows the process of his self-awakening until early 2005 in detail. For more information about his recent spiritual awakening, see his current essays.

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Overview of the Gaia Project

A long time ago, some beings with negative and aggressive inclinations brought about massive outer space wars in certain parts of the galaxy where the earth belongs. As a result, the negativity of the galaxy increased more than before, disagreements and conflicts deepened among beings, and the harmony of the universe was shattered. Particular star clusters made attempts to overcome and purify the negativities, but their efforts were fruitless because the negativities were deep-rooted.

Facing this situation, the beings of the Origin came to take fundamental measures. Especially, the third Origin, which was greatly concerned about the direction of the universe, initiated a massive-scale project called the Gaia Project, which can move up the whole universe a notch.

The project plans include cultivating a special energy that enhances the connectivity to the Origin of the universe and increases receptivity to others and then dispersing the energy to the whole universe. Through this process, it intends to eliminate eventually any negative activities done by cosmic members and to achieve true harmony of the whole universe. For the project, a special being who can bring oneness into the whole universe was created by the consciousness of the Origin. And then, a special planet which can hold the energy of the special being was also created in the current location of the earth by several energy experts. Right after the creation of the special planet, or the earth, the special being was brought to the planet, and its special energy began to seep into every corner of the earth and started to mature. That happened about ten billion years ago.

Through a long period of maturation, the special earth energy reached its final stage of completion. But in order for the matured energy to effectively spread and penetrate into every star and every resident being in the universe, it was necessary to produce special ingredients, or “vaccines” customizing the earth’s energy to fit each star. To produce these vaccines, various beings of the universe including beings with negative energies were invited to the earth.

Before the public opening of the earth to the whole universe, the consciousness of the Origin along with the high dimensional beings designated to carry out the project (“The Project Guides”) came to the earth first and opened the Lemuria period on the earth. Though the earth had been in a form of light since its creation, it changed to an etheric state at the time of their arrival. Soon, many beings of diverse consciousnesses began to flow in for the experience on the earth. Mostly possessing pure energy, the beings who came in the early Lemuria period could live with infinite pleasure in the pure and clear state of the earth about a million years ago.

As time passed by, beings with negative energy began to flock to the earth, and the situation gradually changed. Because, in an etheric state, beings with pure energy feel pain when they are exposed to the negative energy of others, the earth was decided to be materialized for the coexistence of all beings. Thus, entering the late Lemuria period, the earth changed to the material earth, as is perceived by human beings today.

Beings in the etheric state had complete flexibility and did not have life cycles, but as they began to wear solid, material shell, i.e., material bodies, four agonies of life—birth, old age, illness, and death—started to appear. Thus, the spiritual world where a being stays after leaving the material body was made, and the reincarnation system was introduced to the earth. Thereafter, all the beings on the earth started to move back and forth between the third-dimensional material world and the fourth-dimensional spiritual world.

Until today, the material earth has been administered as a learning place where a being with five senses can learn one by one through vivid experiences. During this course, human beings underwent either complete or partial historical breaks several times, such as the collapse of Lemuria, the submergence of Atlantis, and the occurrences of two great floods. Whenever the material world became ineffective as a self-learning place, the administrators of the earth temporarily ceased the history of human beings and made them start all over again to ensure effective experiences.

The million-year period necessary to produce the vaccines has passed, and it is time for the special energy, which is planned to be completed through the earth’s purification, to be dispersed to the universe. Having played a special role for the growth of the universe, the earth will soon be transformed into a common fifth dimensional planet. During this change, almost all beings, whose consciousnesses have grown through various experiences, will leave for another planet suitable to each being.

In the course of the earth’s purification and metamorphosis into a fifth dimensional planet, the current material world will totally collapse. This event will lead people to have an opportunity to recognize the fundamentals instead of material phenomena, to restore spirituality, and to realize that they have always been connected to the Origin. The Guides of the Gaia Project will start working with spiritual abilities necessary for their roles as they become self-awakened.


Why Enlightenment No Longer Matters?

So far, most people have passed away without knowing the true meaning of their lives. They spent their whole lives acquiring and consuming materials, only admitting materials and physical bodies that can be perceived through the five senses. However, some have endeavored to recognize the existence of invisible worlds, to pursue the human essence, or to discover their true selves. They call themselves “seekers of truth” or “ascetic devotees.”

These “seekers of truth” or “ascetic devotees” come to understand that the human essence is a soul, which is immortal after physical death, through the teachings of spiritual teachers and their own self-awakenings. They realize that humans have repeated birth and death innumerably through reincarnations and have a feeling that only enlightenment can relieve them from the wheel of reincarnation. Therefore, they set “enlightenment” as their life goal and pursue it.

Their burning desires for enlightenment have brought on many controversies, including debates about what enlightenment is, and how it comes and proceeds. Some regard it as becoming a Buddha or the completion of a human being. Certain ascetic groups have categorized it into several levels according to the state of mind and body, and they say a person who is not at a certain level cannot proceed to the next one. Some ascetic devotees have categorized it into several levels according to the type of sounds heard through the ears of the mind whereas others have argued that there is no such thing as enlightenment.

In spite of ongoing controversies, there is a general consensus on enlightenment among ascetic devotees. Enlightenment means the discovery of one’s inner Buddha-nature or true self through which one can obtain absolute peace of mind. It is also believed to offer one the freedom to leave the earth, enabling one to escape from reincarnation. Though there are still many controversies about the principles and operations of reincarnation, ardent wishes of ascetic devotees to escape from continuing the lives of suffering increase the attachment to enlightenment.

There are problems in most of the ascetic devotees’ perceptions of ascetic practice and enlightenment. First of all, they believe that ascetic practices are always good, and mundane everyday life has nothing beneficial to ascetic practice and enlightenment. However, there is no need to distinguish ascetic practice from everyday life if one agrees that the true purpose of life is to accumulate true knowing through vivid experiences. In other words, true knowing can be accumulated through not only ascetic practice but also everyday life.

The characteristics of accumulated knowing differ between ascetic practice and everyday life. Among the various relationships to be learned in a life, ascetic life offers intensive learning of the relationships with the heaven, the universe, and divine providence whereas everyday life mostly provides the learning of various human relationships. From the viewpoint of spiritual growth, however, one kind of knowing is not more important than the other, and thus ascetic life is not more important than ordinary life. There are only more or less urgent experiences from the standpoint of each soul’s progress and accumulated knowing.

One thing that ascetic devotees do not know well or misunderstand is the relationship between enlightenment and geun-gi (the original capacity to understand Buddha’s teachings), or consciousness level. Especially, most Buddhists assume that everyone has Buddha-nature and can achieve enlightenment through right practices. However, as I explained in other essays, humans are beings who become awakened little by little through numerous reincarnations. Enlightenment or the accumulation of true knowing can never be achieved at once but can only be achieved gradually through vivid experiences.

Sometimes we come across a person who suddenly becomes enlightened through a special event or even without any extraordinary experience at all. Thus, we have come to think that enlightenment occurs suddenly. This idea, however, only springs from superficial observations. Sudden enlightenment may seem to exist from the viewpoint of the current life, but no such thing exists from that of long-term reincarnations. One’s enlightenment in the current life is only possible because enough knowing has been accumulated through one’s numerous past lives. One who does not have enough knowing accumulated through past lives or who has a low geun-gi cannot achieve enlightenment no matter how hard one may try.

We come to realize that ascetic devotees’ attachment to enlightenment is useless if we understand enlightenment as a special spiritual experience undergone suddenly by an opportunity when one has reached a certain threshold through sufficient accumulation of true knowing. While enlightenment happens without any efforts to those who have reached the threshold or to those who are very close to it, it is only a dream to others. The dream can never come true no matter what special ascetic practices they may try. The dream of enlightenment becomes another attachment to them, which may interfere with their spiritual growth.

While Buddha implied that a soul grows little by little through long-term reincarnations, referring to geun-gi, only few ascetic devotees seem to understand it correctly, and most Buddhist high monks seem not to try to mention it for various reasons. Thus, in the prevalence of the delusive story that anyone can achieve enlightenment through ascetic practices, sayings about the importance of ascetic practices has been passed on, being distorted and exaggerated.

Since enlightenment can never be achieved within a short time no matter how hard one may try, hastiness is unnecessary. Every soul grows step by step through all of the essential processes and progresses, as learning all the necessary things. If a person is ahead of me, it is because he or she has already learned what I have not, and if a person is behind me, it is because he or she is catching up with what I have already learned. There is no need to envy the souls ahead or look down on the ones behind. Everyone has his or her own path. Someday enlightenment may come naturally when true knowing is accumulated enough.

Another reason ascetic devotees should abandon the idea of enlightenment is related with the ongoing changes of the earth. Enlightenment is a unique experience on the earth, where various souls with different levels of consciousnesses coexist. The earth has been a material planet isolated from the universe, and all of the beings reincarnated into human bodies have had tough and vivid experiences.

Nevertheless, the earth is going through great changes, and its characteristics will completely change. Up to now, the earth as a special learning place and an isolated planet has been closed to outer space in principle. However, human beings—who are to be reborn—will be true “cosmic humans,” using various communication channels and freely interacting with beings in outer space. Thus, the reincarnation system, which prevented the souls from leaving the earth, will no longer exist, and enjoying absolute freedom by escaping from the earth will no longer be limited to the enlightened beings. In other words, enlightenment—a special event in spiritual growth that has been very meaningful to the souls on the earth—will completely lose its significance.

As the new era comes, words such as ascetic practice and enlightenment will gradually disappear. As everyday life becomes like ascetic practice and vice versa, there will be no need to talk about ascetic practice anymore. Moreover, as most people on the earth transform themselves into true “cosmic humans,” enlightenment will no longer have a special meaning.

Now we are living in a period when everything is changing rapidly. Though it is true that everything in the universe keeps changing, the earth at the moment is particularly undergoing special changes which have never occurred since the start of modern civilization. They will start with energy changes and continue on to physical ones. Meanwhile, the meanings and significances of many teachings which have been regarded as orthodox are changing. As time goes by, teachings in the past will lose their significances, and the teachings of great saints, which many people have assumed as eternal truth, will be interpreted differently.

From the perspective beyond the Buddhist or Christian frameworks, the teachings of one of the most exemplary saints on the earth—Buddha or Jesus Christ—are also dependent on the period. Each man delivered his messages most suitable to the situations at that time and offered teachings that can effectively lead the people of that specific period. However, they never showed the whole picture of the universe, and not all of their teachings contain absolute value that is timeless. The most essential messages to us at this moment are not the ones from the saints one hundred, one thousand, or two thousand years ago, but the ones given by the universe right now.

Many ascetic devotees still adhere to traditional teachings and orthodox practices. It is rational for one to follow the teachings that have been established for a long time rather than those that are new and unproven. However, the most important thing for ascetic devotees is flexible thinking and open-mindedness. It is not appropriate to stick to “orthodox” views and regard the others as heresy or wrong while recognizing that everything is changing. When we adhere to “orthodox” views, we can never escape from our own frameworks and egotism.

As the earth changes, many messages are now delivered to us through various channels. Many messages are the same, but there are also many messages that contradict one another. Blindly believing these messages may bring one to great confusion, but this can be avoided by using one’s inner guide system. People who can sense gi (subtle energy) can feel the energy from the messages while others can listen to their inner feelings. When someone speaks of cosmic truth, we feel touched and resonate with it. Otherwise, we only feel coldheartedness and emptiness.

Many beings that have come to the earth for the earth’s Great Change have begun to awaken, and some of them have started their tasks, delivering messages from the universe. We can feel who the true workers are through our feelings or the energy that our bodies perceive. It is never appropriate to close one’s heart and distrust them for the reason that their teachings, words, and behaviors are different from those of traditional ascetic devotees or saints. Their levels of consciousnesses may be much higher than those of the traditional holy people. Sensing with your inner feelings and body before judging with your head is required of all the courageous souls in the earth that have chosen to live in this special period.

January 6, 2003

Memories of Lemuria-1

Unlike other festive days, last Lunar New Year’s Day had a new meaning to me. I have not been attending the ancestral memorial services for years under the pretext that I need not aggravate the traffic congestion caused by people’s traveling to their hometown on festive holidays. Nevertheless, I used to say hello to my siblings on the phone around the Harvest Moon Festival (Korean Thanksgiving) or Lunar New Year’s Day. On this Lunar New Year’s Day, however, even such phone calls disappeared.

Since I experienced fundamental changes of body and mind years ago, my human relationship naturally came to be newly arranged even though I made no intentional attempts for any change. My human relationships began to change as I neither felt anything special about my family and siblings nor felt the importance of friends and relatives. In this process, I experienced the collapse of the long-lasted framework of family, naturally became distant from my siblings, and hardly contacted or met my friends and relatives. Because my view on life has become very different and my interests have completely changed, a meaningful conversation with them became impossible.

Those who have seen my changes have been saying things to me, such as “Where did your affectionate personality go?”; “How could you do this to me?”; “Aren’t you being preoccupied?”; “Is that really an attitude of a person who pursues do (or Tao; literally, the way)?” The closer people were to me, the harder it was for them to accept my changes. Thus, they were more frustrated than others. My internal changes, however, were too resolute and fundamental for me to be concerned about other people’s thoughts or feelings.

Looking back, I myself was also surprised by my abruptly changing traits that began to appear two or three months after I first began gi practice. I thought to myself, “If I change this way, it will be hard for me to make a living in the future!” However, this fear was momentary. Thereafter, never did I worry about my change and future, nor did I have a conflicting mind caused by the concerns of people around me. Not even having the slightest thought of trying to change my relationship with others in any way, I experienced that my human relationships changed naturally. In that course, I had no regret or remorse. All changes proceeded very smoothly, and I used to discover myself accepting them with an easy mind without any emotional stir.

On the other hand, most people who are spiritually awakening now, particularly those who have very high consciousnesses, are experiencing great emotional conflicts to different extents. They discover a new world as their spirituality is awakened through various opportunities, but they undergo serious struggle, realizing how hard it is to pursue spirituality in a material civilization. What they have been doing seems all trivial, and what they used to have fun with have no interest for them any more. While they realize that they can no longer communicate with people to whom they were close with, they cannot easily find a new conversational partner. Also, they come to encounter economic hardship as they no longer find any meaning from the pursuit of material things, which have always been felt difficult to do. Surrounded by the high walls of reality, they find themselves in a dilemma.

In dealing with the above problems, many religious or spiritual leaders have argued for being in harmony with reality. They say that it is a very selfish deed deviating from human obligation to be at odds with people around you and to avoid emotional or economic responsibilities by pursuing do. Depending on one’s level of consciousness, people may well feel and perceive life differently. It is very natural for religious leaders to consider the harmony between spirituality and reality important since their perceptions still remain in the material world.

Those who know the essence of life and have certainly realized that humans are spiritual beings can understand that harmony with reality actually means making a compromise with reality, which indicates conceding or yielding to reality. If humans are spiritual beings for sure, it is reasonable to prioritize the growth of one’s spirit. However, if one keeps on pursuing material things in the name of harmony with reality, this deed cannot be regarded as harmony.

The reason some truth seekers are greatly in conflict with reality is that either their practices have not reached a sufficiently high level or their spiritual awakenings are still in progress. From the viewpoint of consciousness level, being awakened means that one’s current consciousness is elevated to the level of one’s knowing that was accumulated through many past lives, or to one’s innate level of consciousness. It also indicates that one surely knows the meaning of one’s existence. Awakening usually progresses through many stages during a long period. At the early stage, consciousness or perception expands through daily life or ascetic practice. This expansion occurs as one’s focus of consciousness expands from oneself to the neighbors, human beings, and to the universe and from material to non-material things. Afterward, one realizes that everything in the universe is all one, and one’s eyes begin to open to the truth of life and the universe. Also, one vaguely starts to know about one’s existence.

A complete awakening includes a clear awareness of one’s existence. Humans have a great amount of memories accumulated through many past lives. These memories are not merely remnants of the past but are live energies that have great influences on each person at this moment. Since humans are essentially beings that respond based on the memories of many experiences, knowing oneself or being awakened means realizing what past lives one had in the universe and on the earth, in addition to knowing one’s future direction

Memories of Lemuria-2

Among the past lives that human beings memorize, particularly those that beings with very high consciousnesses memorize in their auras, the most precious life should be that in Lemuria, or Mu (Mooh) continent, which can be regarded as the origin of humankind. About a million years ago from now, the first consciousness in the universe called Mu and many other beings with very high consciousnesses from various parts of the universe came to the earth. They were experts from the whole universe who gathered at the earth—a planet created to assume a special role in the development of the universe—to progress a special event. Remaining in an energy state of uncontaminated consciousnesses, they lived while singing, clapping hands, and dancing together.

Because all were clear and pure energy beings, each being could become man or woman at one’s own will, and if wanted, could always enter or leave the earth without experiencing physical birth and death since the earth was not materialized. Neither worries to fulfill the need for food, clothing, and shelter nor greed for material things existed. Selfishness, jealousy, envy, and rage that humankind is currently experiencing did not exist in Lemuria. The beings loved each other and were in harmony in the crystal clear and clean environment of the earth.

As time passed by, however, beings with consciousnesses of low frequencies flocked to the earth. The frequency of the earth gradually lowered, and the earth went through the process of materialization. In this process, the Lemurian society began to change rapidly and fundamentally. Some of the beings with higher consciousnesses that had not experienced life and death by staying in an etheric state returned to the universe. On the other hand, others that promised to remain on the earth until the dimensional ascension in the future began to prepare for various lives to adapt themselves to the lower consciousnesses on the earth.

As the earth materialized, the system of reincarnation was introduced, and in this system nobody could have a whole memory of one’s past or live a life completely revealing one’s intrinsic capabilities. Thus, of the beings that opened the Lemurian period, those that promised to keep remaining on the earth began to experience reincarnation under the same condition as the other beings in the material earth, with their cosmic capabilities and knowledge being sealed. Their physical lives on the earth were planned in terms of two aspects: to accumulate energies needed for the role each being has to carry out in the period of the earth’s dimensional ascension and to effectively undergo each being’s learning that should be experienced.

Life on the earth has not at all been easy to anybody—a life in which one, in total oblivion of one’s self, perceives vivid feelings through the five senses. Many Lemurian beings reincarnated into high priests, monks, political or religious leaders, Hwan-oong, or Dan-goon in diverse ancient civilizations, such as Atlantis, Hwan-kook, Egypt, Inca, Maya, and the civilizations that followed. They also experienced many common lives not known at all. Because of the vague memories of their existence, which are occasionally sensed through their feelings, they have lived tougher lives than others and have lived in obscure nostalgia and yearning for the universe.

As the earth’s ascension begins, these Lemurian beings are collectively awakening from a long sleep. Their awakenings are occurring through diverse stages planned according to each being’s program in this life, so each being is currently at a different stage. However, all of them will go through the final stage of awakening in a near future. Then they will definitely know why they are here now and what they should do. Experiencing a complete awakening, they will obtain powerful internal strength that enables one to begin one’s true life without any compromise. They will recognize one another and restore their excellent capabilities and knowledge that they had in the universe.

Possessing vague impressions of the earth’s dimensional ascension, many Lemurian beings who are awakening now think they should do something. They think they should take the lead to protect the earth’s environment, to help the miserable, or to help people’s consciousnesses grow, and many of them are already in action. Most people think what they are doing now is their tasks, but their true tasks and full-scale activities have not started yet. Their activities carried out so far were for their personal experiences and for the preparation of future activities. The tasks they should truly do in this life will not begin until after they experience the last stage of awakening.

Not completely being awakened, some Lemurian beings struggle to achieve what they are currently doing and try to expand their work. I want to suggest to these people that they reflect upon themselves and try to feel the fundamental principles of life. On the surface, life seems to progress by one’s will and capability, but in fact it unfolds according to planned scenarios, and humans are beings who experience those scenarios. Thoughts to accomplish or achieve something occur because one does not totally realize that life is a stage play to experience. Also, people’s thought that systemized efforts for the development of spirituality is necessary should be reconsidered. With no exception, organizations and groups are formed based on people’s desires. Thus, once an organization is made and is in action, one cannot help deviating from true do (the way).

So far, most people have placed too much confidence in the strength of humankind and have believed that human beings change the world even though they have witnessed great natural disasters occasionally. Although people know that the earth is merely a grain of sand in the beach, they have negated beings of outer space and have lived with a blind faith that the earth’s Great Change will not happen during their lifetimes. Events will begin to happen, manifesting how wrong such self-centered thought is and how empty the knowledge and ideas inculcated under the name of education are. Moreover, those events will reveal that a more fundamental energy world, which is unfolded infinitely, exists behind the visible material world and that eventually the world will evolve by the will of divine providence and not by that of humankind. If accomplishing something is the true will of divine providence, it can happen immediately regardless of human efforts and will. I expect that the earth’s Great Change progressing on a full scale will definitely show this aspect to the whole humankind.

Those who expand their awareness and begin to know the essence of life through spiritual experiences find that people who are desperate to only obtain and consume material things surround them. Moreover, they come to rediscover the fact that all media such as newspaper, magazine, TV, and the Internet are filled with heroic episodes of people excelling in achieving wealth and fame. They strongly feel that it is really difficult to live as a two-eyed being in a world of one-eyed ones.

What is needed for them now may not be turning their eyes to the outer world. It would not be helpful at all for one to look around the outer world called “reality” and become frustrated or to feel terrible by picturing one’s future five or ten years from now, supposing the current material world were to continue. Instead, one should go deep inside oneself to realize the fundamental principles of life and feel the earth’s changes that are currently proceeding. It is necessary to feel the rapidly changing earth energy and listen to the collapsing sound of the existing material system through the spiritual sense that is gradually being developed. I expect everybody spiritually awakening now to feel deeply the following message: “You do not need to worry at all about the future. Everything is being arranged.”

February 12, 2004

Finding Messages from the Moments of Life

Each individual perceives the world differently in spite of possessing identical sensory organs. While reading a newspaper or watching a TV program, people only receive the information interesting to them because of the filtering function of their minds. The information that one is not interested in or does not believe neither catches one’s sight nor falls on one’s ears. Also, views on how things in the world proceed can be very different even though they face the same information in similar circumstances. Especially, their different consciousness levels make them understand an identical event completely differently.

Although people perceive and interpret the world differently according to their existing knowledge, notions, and consciousness levels, their world views can be divided into three types as follows. The first type tries to find the cause of every phenomenon from material things. The “ordinary” people whose consciousnesses stay in the material world possess viewpoints that belong to this type. From their viewpoints, there are mysterious phenomena in the world and unanswerable fundamental questions in life. They cannot figure out why they were born of their biological parents, and why they have to live such harsh lives while others enjoy their entire lives with fame and fortune.

The second type sees the world with the perception of the invisible world of gi or energy. The views of many contemporary spiritual leaders, including those of the New Age ones, belong here. Especially, the majority of the people with out-of-body experiences or spiritual faculties have this perspective. Based on their own sense of gi, many mysterious experiences, flashing images and vivid impressions, or out-of-body traveling experiences, they talk about the fundamental energy world unfolding beyond the material world. They clearly understand that the world continuously changes by the opposition, collision, and harmony of yin and yang, light and dark, or good and evil energies. They say that in the universe not only the visible material world exists, unfolding horizontally, but also different worlds of diverse dimensions beyond imagination unfold endlessly while overlapping one another.

Through their experiences, these people perceive that humans are beings that exist beyond birth and death. They understand that there are energies behind everything happening in the material world and that these energies can be changed and controlled by human minds. Also, life is created and selected by one’s mind, and the world is created by people. Hence, it is always essential to keep a proper state of mind, and one should be responsible in any way for the negative energy created by oneself. Moreover, they tend to see the world with a dualistic view, to stress karma, and to justify punishment brought on by sin.

Consequently, those that see and interpret life from the perspective of energy have a much broader view on life than the ones tied up in material perspective, and they accept what others regard as nonsensical stories. Even to them, however, many things in life still remain as unsolved questions. As mentioned earlier, life is thought to be created by mind, but they wonder why their own lives do not unfold as they intend. They are curious why a person’s future is not realized as predicted by clairvoyance. Also, they cannot easily understand why divine providence put the world in disorder by creating negative energy, or dark energy.

The third type views the world as a field for experiences and regard humans as beings that experience by acting out their scenarios on stage. The world consists of the material world perceptible by the fives senses and the more essential energy world. Besides, everything in the world proceeds according to diverse levels of scenarios. Usually, this type of view is held by those who look back on their lives after a long period of ascetic practices and by those who realize that their lives, which seem to progress by their own will or choices, have actually progressed by certain invisible power.

A majority of people cannot easily accept the third type because they have vivid feelings that every moment of their lives is created and decided by themselves, and they tend to identify the value of humans with free will. However, recollecting that some accidental incidents or situations have unexpectedly turned the directions of their lives, they come to feel that their current lives have proceeded according to scenarios planned long time ago.

People with this perspective certainly feel that life does not advance according to one’s will or choice though they know well that energy is more essential than material, and our minds can change energy. They understand that the energy world sensible to people with spiritual abilities or to out-of-body travelers is just a small part of the invisible world in most cases and that it is usually limited to the low dimensional realm. They also know that the world that can be changed by our minds is limited to the fourth-dimensional astral world. On the other hand, they come to feel that the scenario of one’s life, which cannot be changed by one’s free will, and the collisions and oppositions constantly occurring in the material and the energy worlds have been planned in the higher dimension for experiences.

Those who see life from this level often find the existence of another self watching everything while they experience vivid sensations and emotions. Also, they may experience the moments when everything happening now feels like a hologram or an illusion. When beginning to see life in this way, one comes to feel clearly that life is a vivid play for experience. Thus, one lives by surrendering oneself to divine providence or lives according to the life planned by his or her Higher Self. This is the life of wu-wei (無爲, doing nothing unnatural or artificial) that Lao-tzu spoke of and the life of Jesus Christ who prayed to God to be in his will rather than his own one until the last moment. Also, it is also the life of Buddha, who said that life is a maya.

In the beginning, people who think anything can be accomplished through the power of mind, especially those who work as healers using their open senses and spiritual abilities, usually have the viewpoint that one builds one’s own life. As time goes by, however, their viewpoint turns to the third type. As their healing experiences accumulate, they realize that their healing abilities are given for their roles and that they themselves are not more than an instrument of divine providence. For example, even a renowned doctor cannot cure a chronic disease until the patient undergoes sufficient experiences; if a patient is cured, it is not because the healer cured him or her, but because it is time for the patient to be healed. They realize that the experiences one undergoes in life are those planned ahead because of necessity. They also come to realize that the experiences cannot be avoided easily, nor is it desirable for people to try to avoid them.

Those who become aware that life proceeds by a predetermined scenario rather than continuous events that happen by accident find hints for the future often in their present lives. As one can find a presage of the protagonist’s future in a novel, a play, or a movie, various hints on the future are given in one’s everyday life. One submerged in one’s diverse emotions that arise every moment will have difficulty in finding these kinds of hints or messages whereas one who observes oneself or is awakened will find them relatively easily. Especially, it is common that comparatively strong messages are given to a person who encounters a turning point in one’s life. These messages are revealed in diverse ways as follows: on signboards suddenly noticeable, in eye-catching newspaper articles, TV news, or contents of books, in a special encounter with a person, in extraordinary dreams, in special experiences (for example, past life regression), or in an encounter with a special number.

Some spiritual devotees never overlook the numbers encountered in their everyday lives. For instance, they never ignore a noticeable number plate of the car ahead of them while they are driving or the numbers on a clock or a scoreboard at a specific moment. It may seem unreasonable to find a message from all numbers while one does not know all the meanings of the numbers. However, such behavior is natural for those who perceive that one’s life, the earth, the sun, and the whole universe are moving according to respective plans. If one understands that messages are incessantly delivered during one’s life and that, especially, important ones are repeatedly delivered through various channels, it is desirable to look back on one’s own path or prepare for the future by listening to the messages sensed at the moment.

People who discover messages in their lives do their best in work and accept the results of their work naturally. Knowing well that it is meaningless to achieve or improve something by their will, they no longer care about the results. Instead, they regard the results as a message foreshadowing the direction of the future. Also, they gradually distance themselves from the lives subject to instant changes of joy and grief. Though emotions may arise at the moment when certain event happens, they are free from the emotions the second they realize the message of the event. If one perceives that everything in the universe changes according to its respective plans, life itself may be felt as an amusing puzzle game.

At this time when social confusions are aggravating, it is meaningful to examine closely the events and phenomena that have happened to each of us, our country, and the whole world during the past few years. If it is hard to understand why certain events happened to yourself or the society, you can regard them as the release of built-up emotional energy or relate it to the “story” of the earth’s Great Change. Perhaps, you may be thrilled to realize that divine providence has prepared the opening of the new world one by one without attracting most of the people’s attentions.

Accepting life as a message is required of all human beings living in this special period of time. It is important to recognize the scenario behind the phenomena for oneself instead of being frustrated or angry while one experiences the unexpected phenomena or events individually or socially. When we properly perceive what is happening to the universe and our own lives as soon as possible, we can calmly accept everything and our consciousnesses can leap forward.

March 13, 2004

The Expansion of Consciousness toward Multi-dimensional Universe-1

The first month of the year 2005 is already behind us. The earth’s Great Change will soon be in full swing. I also feel that momentous personal changes are just around the corner, so I am now living in full sentiments more than ever. When I was internally going through fundamental changes six to seven years ago, I realized that my past life had progressed on a complete plan. In addition to this realization, now I am looking at the past from a different perspective. I am reminiscing about how my consciousness has expanded toward the state of multi-dimensional universe.

In contrast to those who are spiritually precocious, I pursued only material values up until my mid-forties, without entertaining the slightest idea of anything beyond materiality. Because material scarcity was pervasive throughout society during my childhood, I readily embraced the proposition that material wealth determines human happiness. Thus, while studying economics and business administration, I paid most of my attention to issues ranging from how to improve the economic welfare of the masses to how to run a business as a means to achieve material abundance. Rejecting anything modern science cannot verify, such as the existence of ghosts or any other energy/spiritual phenomena, my consciousness was limited solely to the third-dimensional material world.

My consciousness, long restricted to this limited time and space, began to experience a rapid expansion through gi (chi, ki, prana, energy) practice that I started in order to alleviate worsening health and an acute heart problem. I began to physically feel the existence of gi or energy surrounding the human body and gradually recognized that energy is something more profound than material or the body. Exploring the underground water streams with an L-rod and experiencing the recovery of diseases through energy work, I started to feel a decisive crack forming in my long-held belief that what we see is the only truth.

Becoming aware of the concept of the level of consciousness as described by Dr. David Hawkins and measuring people’s consciousnesses with an L-rod, I became more interested in human consciousness and consciousness level. While many people expect those with similar educational levels to have similar levels of consciousnesses, I found their consciousnesses wildly divergent and hardly related to their education levels, cultural sophistication, or material wealth. We observe the world through our respective consciousnesses and respond to stimuli every moment through it, so each of us lives in a seemingly same yet totally different world. I also understood that the level of consciousness is something not easily influenced by personal urge but only limitedly adjustable through spiritual practice because what it represents is the level of true “knowing” that has been obtained through countless lives.

These new understandings were radical enough to profoundly alter my world view. One’s behavior is based on a level of consciousness that even one cannot easily change. As such, it is meaningless to criticize or praise anybody. It is important to realize that we can differ greatly in terms of consciousness. With this realization, we can attain true understanding and love toward our neighbors. Many on the path of the New Age movement seem to stress the slogan of “We are all one and the same.” However, each of us can realize true love toward each other by understanding that our divergent behaviors are something that is inevitably caused by our different levels of consciousnesses. This awareness became a significant turning point, making it possible for me to shift my world view from that based on superficial analysis and observation to that based on a more profound understanding.

After all these radical changes of my mind and body, I have entered the stage of absolute peace of mind with little emotional turbulence for the last several years. In that altered state, I found that attachment to one’s offspring, wealth, or reputation restricts oneself and causes pain and suffering. Moreover, by observing and experiencing the changes occurring to me, I obtained enough understanding to know what enlightenment is, what ascetic practice is, and what problems discriminatory and dualistic thinking has.

I also realized how conventional notions force-fed on us have controlled our consciousnesses and blocked our paths toward truth. Each notion we have constricts our consciousnesses, and our brains almost automatically shut out certain information that does not fit into the framework of our preconceived notions. These notions stiffen our thinking, thereby preventing new experience and consciousness expansion that is caused by the former.

Notions are the most influential factor in hindering consciousness expansion through experience, and moderns are slaves to notions. After realizing this, I have always emphasized the importance of being liberated from preconceived notions and of consciousness expansion through open-mindedness. Although conventional notions are necessary for individuals to adapt to society, they are the biggest stumbling blocks to spiritual growth. I have been saying that among the many preconceived notions that we have, I find not a single notion that encourages consciousness expansion.

By the summer of 2000, hoping that people may experience consciousness expansion from simply understanding the intangible world of energy, I decided to write a book about it. As drafting the manuscripts for the book was well underway, I suddenly started to have feelings about the earth’s Great Change in the course of daily morning meditation. That feeling became stronger as time went by. As a result, the segments on the prophecies and the Great Change described in the first edition of the book, What We See Is Not the Only Truth, were written almost automatically by my hands. Since then, the earth’s Great Change has become my constant topic.

As for life’s important themes, such as the energy world, consciousness level, spiritual practices, and enlightenment, I had already digested them before the publication of the book. However, a more concrete understanding was made possible through the book’s publication, after meeting people with diverse backgrounds in spirituality. Intermingling with qigong experts and those with psychic abilities, I learned how to control gi through mind. I understood how spiritual power can be utilized and how distance healing and telepathic clairvoyance are possible. I learned that amazing gi matches between rival gi practitioners had always been going on. I also came upon various gi phenomena including ghosts, possessions, and ceremonies for transferring spirits, and began to understand the spiritual realm. In retrospect, I had a great learning experience on the fourth dimension ranging from the energy world that can be controlled by the human mind to the world of life after death.

Even then, however, I was unable to firmly grasp the true meaning of past lives and reincarnation. Although I had some understanding of the universe, I had no idea as to how life on earth is connected to the universe. Furthermore, since I had no trustworthy spiritual experiences concerning the reincarnation on the earth, I did not realize the connection between the present life and the past lives. Because my range of consciousness did not go beyond the earth, I could hardly acknowledge the existence of UFOs, much less the messages channeled from the universe that I read in books. However, past life regression by hypnosis, dialogues with cosmic entities, and the continued encounters with people of different spiritual abilities expanded my consciousness far beyond what my previous imagination allowed.

The Expansion of Consciousness toward Multi-dimensional Universe-2

While I have met many people with great spiritual abilities, including those with some extraordinary capabilities, one person was the key to shake my whole life and to have me make a quantum leap toward the multi-dimensional universe. I mentioned this person in one of my essays titled “Observing a Person’s Enlightenment” [on the Korean website]. As we shared diverse experiences during the first few months since the summer of 2002 and afterward, I began to open my eyes to more concrete knowledge of life, the universe, and the earth’s Great Change.

For instance, by watching this person shift to the consciousness of a particular past life and re-enact an event and a conversation at that time, and by knowing my relationship with this person during my past lives, I started to understand the connection between this life and the past lives. Contrary to the belief that most people on the path hold, memories of the past lives are not something irrelevant to the present life, but are something closely related to this very moment, actively influencing it in full force.

At times, this person told me about the state of my mind or body and the future events by reading my body energy or my iris. This person also channeled messages from higher dimensional entities to me about my true identity. I heard about various elaborate devices built in the human energy body, including antenna systems for communicating with Pleiades or Sirius. I also heard about various special cosmic information as follows: the scenes at the elderly’s committee meeting at Sirius; stories about our meetings in the universe; stories about visiting the cosmic libraries classified by levels for the preparation for life on the earth after deciding the subject matter of learning; the information that enlightenment is the crux of the training method put forward by the star where the being that reincarnated as Buddha resides; the information that there are formulae for material manifestation; and the number of cosmic entities visiting the earth for the Great Change. All this information went far beyond my consciousness at that time, but I felt it was something I could not just ignore.

Many parts of the messages and information I received then were later reconfirmed one by one through information gathered from past life regressions experienced by many people. Many of them unanimously confirmed that my higher self is located at Sirius. While some even clearly recalled meeting me at the office of Twin Tower in Sirius, most of them quite specifically remembered meeting me in the universe. One person vividly recalled that she was a conscious entity at a star far away from the earth, and when she met me, who was then recruiting workers for the project of the earth’s Great Change, she volunteered for the project. She also recalled that, after coming to the earth via the Andromeda galaxy, she lived in Lemuria, Atlantis, and many other countries. Many remembered that before moving into the earth, they had undergone a preparation process in Sirius or Pleiades for entering the earth. They also recalled the image of my reiterating the significance of the Gaia Project.

In June of 2004, I met a person who can connect to any entity in the universe. Many dialogues with cosmic entities through this person, along with the information gathered from past life regressions, allowed me to reconfirm what I have sorted out with my own intuition and feelings. Since then, I have had conversations with my higher self in Sirius, one of the administrators of our galaxy, and the administrator’s assistant. I have also observed some “Guides” converse with their higher selves in the universe.

After going through this process, my consciousness is now almost always residing in the universe, feeling as if the stories about the universe and the earth’s Great Change were those of my next-door neighbor. Most people who first read my writings will take them for the wildest dreams coming from muddled consciousness, but I say with a clearer consciousness than anyone else that the earth’s Great Change planned long ago by the universe is now unfolding.

The universe is spread almost limitlessly up to the tenth dimension, and differences in vibration frequency separate each dimension. Different dimensions mean totally different worlds. Every entity in the universe leads its life under a definite hierarchy based on the principles and plans of respective dimension, galaxy, star, and planet. There may be some frictions between dimensions or galaxies, but lower dimensions cannot go astray from the plans and adjustments made by higher dimensions.

Probably, people have had no such diverse experiences as I have had so far. Even if they had some, they might not have expanded their consciousnesses, which are full of preconceived notions, toward the multi-dimensional universe. Until only a few centuries ago, humans had thought that the sun was revolving around the earth, putting everything into earth-centric, anthropocentric perspectives. Thanks to the progress made in cosmological sciences, fragmental pieces of information on the universe have been accumulated, and some notable novelists and artists with expanded consciousnesses have created copious novels and movies. Despite these works, however, few seem able to imagine the multi-dimensional universe unfolding layers upon layers. The consciousnesses of most people, including those of religious leaders, still largely remain at the domain of debating whether there are intelligent extraterrestrials or whether UFOs really come from outer space, admitting the existence of the invisible world at best.

The world that people and established religions have heretofore talked about is mostly limited to the third- and the fourth-dimensional worlds surrounding the earth. The third dimension represents the material part of the earth perceptible with the five senses; the fourth dimension, closely related to the third dimension, is a world that includes the world of life after death (the spiritual world), or what has often been called the heaven, and the energy world (or the world of thought forms and ghosts) created and influenced by human consciousness. While the advance of modern science has prompted religious and spiritual leaders to mention the universe more frequently, they seem to have just replaced the word “heaven” with “the universe,” hardly appreciating the difference between the two.

Thus, it is quite unlikely that most people, whose consciousnesses stay in the third or fourth dimensions, or the earthly realm, will comprehend the multi-dimensional universe. It is even more unlikely that they will understand or accept a certain project, which is planned in the higher dimensional universe, is now being carried out on the earth. If anyone finds the story about the multi-dimensional universe easily acceptable, he or she may be one of those with the memories of life in the outer space of the fifth dimension or higher.

The earth’s Great Change signifies the ascension of the earth into the fifth dimension, meaning that humans, animals, and plants will have vibrations not lower than the fifth dimension. Hence, as the Great Change is well underway now, the human race must face the absolute necessity to raise their consciousnesses to the fifth dimension or higher. However, almost all spiritual practices on the earth—including ascetic practices related with meditation, and Taoist exercises focusing on building up lower or middle chakra—stop short of moving beyond the realm of the mind. Thus, they cannot transcend the vibrations of the fourth dimension. Most ascetic devotees and seekers of truth have regarded clearing one’s mind through these practices as consciousness ascension, but this is true only in a limited sense. For example, methods of spiritual practice focusing on the mind can be considered a fourth-dimensional one surpassing the third-dimensional material world by opening up the fourth-dimensional heart chakra. While these practices may lead one to experience so-called enlightenment, they will not lead one to raise one’s consciousness to the fifth dimension or higher.

Elevating one’s consciousness is not achieved by arduously clearing and emptying one’s mind, but it occurs naturally with the expansion of consciousness—that is, the expansion of awareness. Our consciousnesses expand first by recognizing the existence of the world imperceptible to the five senses and then by becoming firmly aware of the fact that our material world is but a tiny fraction of the multi-dimensionally layered universe. When we gradually remove the thought that I, our society, our nation, or our earth is at the center of the universe, our consciousnesses can make a quantum leap forward. The further we are from egocentric thoughts, the more our consciousnesses can expand.

Shifting from earthly consciousness to universal consciousness is crucial for everyone living on the earth now. This task of moving forward is even more crucial especially for those remaining in the fourth-dimensional consciousness, namely, ascetic devotees or truth seekers who are aware of imperceptible non-material world but still hold earth-centric viewpoints. Through the earth’s coming Great Change, they may ascend to the fifth dimension, or they may stay in the fourth-dimensional consciousness. Those who ascend to the fifth dimension through consciousness expansion can choose either to remain in the newly-born earth or to move to another fifth dimensional star.

In front of the human race await a series of amazing physical changes that will topple preexistent notions and knowledge. For the next seven to eight years, physical changes of unimaginable proportions will proceed in stages. Those who see these changes with open-mindedness will begin to comprehend that these events happen not by accident but by plans arranged in the higher dimensional universe. We will see what the purpose of the earth’s Great Change is and understand why all the authorities and orders currently existing on the earth should collapse. Through this process, many people will leap forward to cosmic consciousness.

Up to now, the earth has served as a special training field for self-learning through experiences, so all experiences have been precious to us. From now on, however, we are short on time for cherishing any further experience. We need a cosmic perspective that does not get blinded by spiritual organizations still submerged in earth-centric thoughts and that is free from preconceived notions and views oneself and the society impartially. This will be the only preparation, along with an open mind, required of all spiritual seekers of this period.

February 2, 2005

* * *

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