Orbs in Baduy Banten

By : Shangkala team

Baduy or the real name is Kanekes Village, is one of the ancient tribe in Nusantara. It is located in Banten, West Java. If you don’t have your own car, from Jakarta we can use the bus or train. Than continue with local transportations. Need 3-4 hours to be there.

Remember, our visiting to this tribe, just like other ancient tribes in part of the world, it means that we’re learn there, absorb them, not like just having a regular holiday or vacation.

We come to Kanekes (Baduy) from an invitation from one of the elder there. It’s been a great journey where we learn their culture, way of life and way of thinking. And we also capture the orbs picture inside the people activities. Very interesting! It’s the journey of our soul.


orbs in Baduy Banten


orbs in Baduy Banten 1

baduy 2

orbs in Baduy Banten 2

Baduy 3

orbs in Baduy Banten 3

baduy 4

orbs in Baduy Banten 4

so many orbs

orbs in Baduy Banten 5

* * *

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5 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by elizabethtool on July 16, 2009 at 8:58 pm

    Thank you for sending the link to your gallery…you must have accumulated much more positive energy than I….you have so many wonderful photos!!!


  2. Kayaknya kenaL dah tu tempaT…
    Mendadak IngeT di baduY. . . aw aw aw aw aw aw :-p


  3. Yeah..i guess we’re all have to accumulate more positive energy. Dont worry if our mind n feeling quite different with common people. Just try beeing positive n follow our heart. Also keep connect with people who interest n trust us ; )


  4. Interesting enough! I am wondering what a connection there is between the Baduy and the Orbs. It would be very grateful if somebody write strories about this on our site Visit Baduy Village


  5. Every reader who wanna know about orbs, please read : https://artshangkala.wordpress.com/2009/06/16/orbs-english/ and https://artshangkala.wordpress.com/2009/10/28/dialog-dengan-orbs/
    There you’ll understand why orbs can be found in Baduy and every ancient tribe in Nusantara.

    We just try to understand the reader that on every ancient tribe if you visit there, erase on your mind if its only for your vacation, just like another holiday. Because you only make dirty there with rubbish, speaking which not related to the tribe, close of mind thinking & interfere the purification of life energy there. Better to go to other places, so many places for holidays or relax, except them.

    Entering the ancient tribe meaning that you are ready to :
    1. renew your soul (you’ll find the elders there, have their guidance of enlightenment, vision & mission of man on the earth)
    2. renew your mind (you’ll see the people live there in harmony among them, among the nature & their peaceful spiritual life)
    3. renew your life action (automatically if you respect them by “learn” there) you’ll have better action there and in your daily life.

    Examine yourself, after visiting to the ancient tribe, do you have all 3 points? If not…your journey just worthless. You cannot be the person who can follow the biggest earth changing to its purification.


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