Orbs at Bali Party Wedding

By : Shangkala team

A marriage is a unite of 2 persons and 2 soul. That’s why its a sacred thing in human life. The sacred activities, the pure energy, the joyful music & dance are invite the orbs to visit the wedding.

In 2009, there’s a couple of spiritual mentor who married in Bali. The people who attend the marriage come from many different countries. The follower of this spiritual leader, just share everything they can share. Some give culture events like the music, the dancing. Some give the fund needed for this sacred wedding. Some share the food. Some share the equipment to be used. All were being participate. Here in Indonesia called bu : ‘Gotong-Royong’.

Means : everyone works together, help each other to achieve on one purpose.

In Bali, we still can see this lessons, Gotong-royong in some communities.

* * *

Here are the wedding pictures with the presence of the ORBS :

bali wedding

Orbs at Bali party wedding

bali wedding 1

orbs at Bali party wedding 1

bali wedding 2

orbs at Bali party wedding 2

so many orbs

orbs at Bali party wedding 3

* * *

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2 responses to this post.

  1. Foto-fotonya bagus, penasaran kok bisa orbs tertangkap kamera, boleh saya tahu siapa yang ngambil gambarnya? Di Bali daerah mana acaranya?


    Md. Juli Hantara


    • Swastiastu.
      Orbs sudah semakin banyak tertangkap kamera digital. Bahkan dengan kamera HP. Yang 3.2 pixel sudah bisa. Namun biasanya kamera profesional dengan pixel diatas 10 orbs tidak tertangkap.
      Di Bali kebetulan ini acara resepsi pernikahan di Gerih.
      Selamat berburu orbs 😉


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