Orbs in Spiritual Community

By : A. Sari @ SHANGKALA

Every journey in Bali for me also journey of the souls. So many spiritual places and spiritual persons I can meet in this Gods islands. The other thing i have is the picture of orbs. I realize in Bali the form of orbs quite different with other places. Some orbs are huge and have some polar path. Maybe the different knowledge and different places make the orbs here different. Well than, enjoy this :


orbs in a elder house in Bali

DSC01432 -shangkala

orbs in front of temple (pura) in Bali


orbs at the temple (pura) gate in Bali


orbs at the temple (pura) in Bali

* * *

You & your community could invite us, to present our team Shangkala experience with the ORBS. And their guidance to us as human on earth. Please contact us at :

E-mail : artshangkala@gmail.com

Phone : +6221-68570729

Or be the ORBS community at :

Facebook : artshangkala & shangkala.orbs


More information about ORBS :

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2 responses to this post.

  1. How lovely to have met you all! I have much experience of the various categories of orbs you discuss and it all fits together like a white glove. I will continue to follow your blog and thank you so much for contributing to my own… I have some channelled messages from the Light in my Big Book, which confirms and synthesises all that you have been given and I look forward to sharing the content with as many people as possible very soon. Through the love of the Creator we are all joining hands…..yippee! With warmest wishes, Jane (www.janehunting.wordpress.com)


  2. Dear Jane!

    It’s wonderful that we can connected here…through the Orbs, the Spirit experience, the Channeled messages. The nature just now divide human base on each vision, mission & contribution to the earth changing. Making the great Matrix of light in the processing of earth purification.
    Keep connecting & keep inform 😉

    Love, Love, Love
    Team Shangkala


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