ORBS (English)

By A. Sari

Have you ever seen orbs?
Maybe you have seen orbs, but you didn’t realize it before. Orbs usually seen from a simple digital photo picture. Many people capture orbs from hand phone camera or simple pocket digital camera, not a hi-tech camera for a professional photographer.

What is orbs ?
If you have parents, than your grandparents, than there’re grand grand parents..we called them ancestor. So, there’re ancestor from Indian (Maya-Inca-Aztec), from Indonesia (Kingdoms of Nusantara), from India (the Immortal Gurus), from Europe (Renaissance Gurus) and from all countries. They’re visiting us who still living on the earth. They want to see how our progress in evolution, they try to guide us. Remain us who we are, what is our vision while we’re living, what is our mission in the earth. They come to the earth in groups, so many to all corners of the world, they’re around us. When we see them in photo pictures, circle form, small, big, some pattern, some colors, we call them ORBS.

In what places they’re seen?
We found orbs in many places. But according to our research, orbs many seen in positive areas with positive vibration. Here the explanation: positive area could mean the natural places (jungle, beach, and mountain) & spiritual places (temple, church, meditation, yoga places). Positive vibration means that there’re people in an area who make some positive things. It could be a positive conversation, positive action, or built a positive feeling each other.

Can we call orbs to visit ?
Just like the explanation above, we just need to build a positive vibration with some friends than they just come around us.

Want to prove it ?
Just take some shoots/pictures from your digital camera or your hand phone camera after you built a positive vibration in your community.

Have a nice try !

You are spirit, you are soul !

; )

* * *

You or your community could invite us to share our Shangkala team experience about the ORBS! We’d love to share to you! Please contact us at :

E-mail : artshangkala@gmail.com

Facebook : shangkala.orbs

Phone : +6221-68570729


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