ORBS at Wedding in Tangerang

by : A. Sari @ SHANGKALA

Our family have a wedding invitation in a church on August 2008. It’s a friend wedding. You know how a marriage is a pure feeling gather from the unite of 2 persons, 2 souls as sacred moment.

These photographs are showing us the orbs surrounding this lovely marriage :

DSC02273 - shangkala

orbs at wedding

DSC02277 - shangkala

orbs at wedding 1

DSC02280 - shangkala

orbs at wedding 2

DSC02281 - shangkala

orbs at wedding 3


Colecting the ORBS picture is become of our aim, while we as a Shangkala team, also have vision in collecting tha data about culture, art, history, sciance & spiritual of Nusantara (Indonesian archipelago). We also have some experience with these ORBS. We communicate with them. They give some guidance is earth changing & its purufication.

You or your community could invite us to share our ORBS experience. We’d love to share to you as a Shangkala team ORBS esperience. Please contact us on :

E-mail : artshangkala@gmail.com

Facebook : shangkala.orbs

Phone : +6221-68570729


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