Orbs at the Sky

By : Shangkala team

We have so many orbs pictures collection. In every occasion, we just make a shoot in every positive moments. Here are some orbs pictures at sky, taken from Jakarta & Bali sky in 2007-2009.


orbs at sky

DSC01908 -shangkala

orbs at sky 1

DSC01909 - shangkala

orbs at sky2

P3280014 - shangkala

orbs at sky 3


orbs at sky 4

P4050003 -shangkala

orbs at sky 5

* * *

You & your community could invite us, to present our team Shangkala experience with the ORBS. And their guidance to us as human on earth. We would love to share our ORBS experience to you. Please contact us at :

E-mail : artshangkala@gmail.com

Facebook : artshangkala & shangkala.orbs

Phone : +6221-68570729


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