Orbs at Funeral

By : A. Sari

These pictures taken from a wise elder funeral on 24 February  2009. Her name is Mother Ciptaning (Ibu Ciptaning). She’s a spiritual elder in a community in Jakarta, Indonesia.

She’s also a great painter, a great artist among her life. Some of her works also can be seen here, flowering our articles.

She’s been a great mother for all her children & her community. Thank you for your presence on all our life here.

Have a great journey dear mother. Let you be the goddess on earth and universe.

Light is you . . .Love is you . . .

DSC04765 - shangkala

orbs at funeral


orbs at funeral 1

* * *

You & your community could invite us, to present our team Shangkala experience with the ORBS. And their guidance to us as human on earth. Please contact us at :

E-mail : artshangkala@gmail.com

Facebook : artshangkala & shangkala.orbs

Phone : +6221-68570729


To see the painting work made by Ibu Ciptaning :

Sang Waktu

Harapan Selamat



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