The Differences Between Written-Stone, Petilasan Sites (Paths in the past), And Tomb

By: A. Sari

Some of the historical and cultural Nusantara heritage be marked in written-stone, petilasan site and tomb. The author tried to give explanation and the differences between them in order to growth our knowledge. Here are the differences between the written stone, petilasan site and tomb:


It is the archeological remain from ancient kingdoms hundreds and even thousands of years ago. In Nusantara, most of these written-stones were made at each kingdom. Stones were taken from the huge and  strong rock (so that will lasting long) and written about the glory and majesty of the king or the kingdom. Example:

  • Written-Stone Bogor (Prasasti Batu Tulis Bogor). The area of Batu Tulis Bogor was the capital of Padjajaran kingdom. Created by Prabu Surawisesa for the triumph of his late father King Siliwangi (Prabu Siliwangi) and the greatness kingdom of Padjajaran

Dlm Kompleks-Prasasti Batu Tulis-Shangkala

  • Written-Stone Ciarunteun, Bogor (Batu Tulis CIarunteun, Bogor). Which state the greatness King Purnawarman from Tarumanegara Kingdom.

Batu Tulis Ciarunteun Ciampea

Petilasan Site

It is a sign where the ancestors of Nusantara ever set foot and got the knowledge or noble meaning in a region. To sign it, they form petilasan site.


  • Lingga-Yoni.Lingga stone form as long stone as the letter of Alif. It stake upright in a region. Lingga means pure meaning of truth, highest consciousness. The ancestors who got this meaning marked by stake the stone. Sometimes in the region where we find Lingga, there is also Yoni. Lingga-Yoni means the balance of heaven and earth, harmony between feminim and masculine.


Lingga di batu Tulis Bogor

Lingga-Yoni in the complex site of Written-Stone Bogor ( Batu Tulis Bogor)

Lingga di Candi Sukuh Lawu

Lingga in Sukuh Temple,  Lawu Mt.

  • Small Stone or  sculpture which stake simple, also known as petilasan site.Meditation, silent is the self consciousness that always known since coming human live on earth of Nusantara. In some regions, the ancestors had the highest knowledge or the pure meaning from silent meditation, and then they marked with a simple stone.

This is important to understand that, sites are not tomb. Even now we often found that many petilasan sites being renovated by modern people, but it form changing just like a burial place or tomb.

There are also petilasan site form some shaped stone sculptures or statues. Which is the symbol of the ancestor itself.

The petilasan sites had been exist hundred years ago and until now still many people visit to pray or meditation there.


Petilasan Surya Kencana, G Bunder Bogor

Petilasan site of Surya Kencana in Bunder Mt, Bogor

Petilasan Permaisuri Prabu SIliwangi di tengah Kebun Raya Bogor

Petilasan site of Queen Siliwangi in the middle of Bogor Botanical Garden

Puser Jawa-Magelang

Petilasan site of Navel Java (Puser Jawa) in Magelang, Central Java.

Petilasan empat kerabat dekat prabu Siliwangi di Batu Tulis Bogor

Petilasan statues of four nearest persons of King Siliwangi (they are his noble teacher,

his knight and his nursemaid). It still located in complex  site of Written-stone Bogor (Batu Tulis Bogor).


Tomb found in the era of the modern kingdom. It is cemetery of king or royal family. Still many people come to pray on famous tomb area.


Makam Raja Abdurrahman di P.Penyengat Kepri

Makam Raja Ali Haji

Royal family tombs in Penyengat Island, Riau.


As a generation of this nation, we still continue our steps on the earth. We cannot leave our glorious history and culture of this great nation but we continue it. So that we can get the meaning and lessons as long as we still breathe here.

All life creatures are being guided. Wish all in happiness. Amen.

* * *

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      Salam Budaya Terang Nusantara



  4. Posted by gema narama fadillah on August 30, 2013 at 11:04 pm

    a little addition from me:
    1. Written stone is younger (according to its ages) than petilasan sites,
    2. Written stone is a kind of stone that was written (kind of announcements to let people know about something) but petilasan normally just a place which was used to pray, discuss that is well known especially for local people and marked/appreciated
    as very special place.


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