Earthquake Emergency Procedure

Most important things you must understand that safety is not the luck factor. You can be safe from earthquakes and minimize the damage of potential risk and do some basic preparation. Create a plan in your family. Prepare you and your family that will be presented here.


1. Stay calm and find a safe place.

  • Find the nearest table.
  • Take cover behind it.
  • Protect your head with pillows.

When the earthquake is big enough, the possibility of objects and furniture can fall. So important to protect your head during the earthquake.

  • Immediately find the exit.
  • Do not leave in a hurry.

Panic can be crowded and could have victim that being pushed, kicked and hard to breath.

Earthquake usually occurs under 60 seconds (1 minute).

Earthquake can create the door curved so that the door cannot be open.

Drop of glasses is a major risk when rushing out the room in a panic tense.

2. Preventing fires

  • Turn of all fire when earthquake happen, for example: turn off the stove, gas, oven, and microwave.
  • Turn off all electrical equipment
  • When the earthquake has been completed, make sure to turn off breaker circuit (central electricity at your home).
  • If there is a splash fire or electricity, immediately turn off.

Use water to flush if fire. If electricity, ask the neighbors for help when it is not immediately turn off. Try to calm down.


3. Stay out from narrow street, cliff, hill and riverside

  • Do not stand at the bottom of / the house / building, because the roof, glass and wall can fall on you.
  • Stay out from cliff, hill and outlying land at the river because of landslides may happen.

Evacuate to the strong building or a field if it is possible.

4. Evacuation procedures

  • Evacuate by walking

Do not drive a car to evacuate, because traffic jam could happen. And you will get stuck there

  • Bring a bag containing your personal items as needed.
  • Use comfortable clothes during evacuation.

Tsunami: wave of the tide usually occur after large-scale earthquake. Hurry to evacuate even before the tsunami early warning system sounds. Time estimation? Tsunami hit only minutes after the earthquake and not more than 30 minutes.

  • If you live in the coastal area, evacuate to high land, especially when earthquake in large scale.
  • Continue to see news on the radio about ‘tsunami’


5. Make sure that news and information you receive is correct.

  • Do not listen to rumor.

Watch the news from the TV & Radio. Rumor spread quickly after the earthquake occurred.

  • Follow the instructions from the official authorities, the police office and fire department.
  • Use the telephone as necessary.

Call the police office at any time or fire department, can disrupt their work.

6. Join the team of helpers or SAR team.

  • Provide emergency services first aid on the injured victims.
  • Together help the victims of earthquake.

When the victim injured enough, emergency services could be inadequate for victims.

For individuals:
To understand the emergency services for victims, follow the first aid training and rescue the fire agencies and other professional organizations.

For communities:
Provide emergency rescue equipment such as: a flashlight, blanket and a shovel.
Each of community environment, should have an important rescue storage equipment including first aid equipment.

7. What is done in the car when the earthquake occurred

  • Immediately put the car side the road and turn off the engine.
  • Listen to the news on the radio.
  • Follow the instructions from the police
  • Evacuate by running and leave your car keys.

At the time of the earthquake, the car difficult to drive, because the road moving unstable.


  • Participate in classroom training and evacuation anticipation of natural disasters.
  • Discuss in your family, what matters is needed when the earthquake happen.

Each member of the family discuss responsibilities and important things such as:

* Where is the safest place at home (eg strongest table)

* What is first aid

* What are the things that potentially trigger fire (stove, electric oven, microwave, electric equipment)

* Who is responsible for carrying babies and children

* Create evacuation routes from the house to outside

* Who is responsible to bring the bag quake rescue equipment (flashlight, blanket)

Routine preparation of the earthquake in the family is important. Should create the route of evacuation by the communities environment.
All community members are expected to know where to store it.

  • Check your home and things in your home!

* How is the condition of your home foundation, walls, roof etc. When damaged or fragile, change with the new

one. This is for the safety of all of your family.

* Watch the furniture in your home. Make sure they are in a safe place, so that does not fall when earthquake happen.

* Lock the cupboard which containing the display of goods/glasses. To be safe, give additional divider in your cupboard, so that the goods in the cupboard and not fell jump over your head.

* Provide thong shoe or sneaker in the house to protect your feet from the glass shatter on the floor.

* Many earthquake victims died due to collapse of building where they life. Many injuries because of collapse the display of goods/glasses over their head.

  • Prepare the bag containing personal items

* Each member of the family prepare the bag containing personal items just as needed.

* Put in an easy place, so easy to be taken whenever an earthquake occurs happen.

* Maximum bag weight for males 15 kg. Maximum bag weight for women 10 kg.

* Prepare the bag child/baby clothing and food/drink and blankets.

  • Prevent the fire

Maintain your cooking equipment : use oil stove and gas stove that is easy to turn off.

Routine check and clean all equipment and gas stove. Check the gas leakage.

Make sure that around the stove, microwave oven and do not have any good that is easy to fall and trigger a fire.

  • Maintain your electrical equipment

Use a circuit breaker that automatically die when an earthquake happen.

  • Confirmation of the family who survived.

If possible, prepare a place where you could gather the family at the time of the earthquake finish.

  • Have an important telephone no. list

* Family/relatives outside, the nearest city/region from you.

For anticipated, when the earthquake happened in your region, your relatives in other regions can be a central contact and information for your entire family.

* Fire department.

* Police line.

earthquake in road

* * *


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  1. nice post,

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  2. ur welcome. This would be good if we’re in consciousness anytime anywhere coz the earth shaking again n more 😉 Light shine us. Save & Peace.


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